Shutting Down …

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post that the demonstrators would block seven main intersections in Bangkok, and they call their operation as Bangkok shutdown. I don’t want to repeat what they’ve requested for. But to be brief, they want to reform the government in Thailand which they have proposed something like People’s council to replace Parliament. Don’t ask me how would they choose the People’s council because they don’t explain. They just tell everyone that they want to reform the government in order to get rid of the legacy of ousted Thaksin Shinawatra whose parties are still selected since 2001. Some of their leaders said that they think people shouldn’t have equal rights in voting system because they claimed that most people were bought by money to vote.

Speaking of Bangkok shutdown, they eventually changed from 13 to 12th in the evening to start their operations. I decided to work from home on 13th Jan so I could keep an eye on the situation. However, today I went to work at office without any problem. The demonstration is still going on with their request the resignation from the ex-prime minister even if she has already resigned from PM. since she dissolved our Parliament on 9 Dec 2013. She is an acting PM. who administrate the government until the next election.

Right now, I don’t know what the demonstration really wants apart from expelling Shinawatra’s family from country which I don’t know whether it would cause less corruption as their excuse or not. No one knows what will be the end of their protest. Nevertheless, we as people in Thailand try to peacefully show the protesters (Yes, they are Thai too.) that we don’t want their method to reach less corruption. We want the election that every Thai citizen has equal rights to vote. Not let somebody to choose who will be our government. Moreover, our voices should reach Thai military to say that we don’t want coup d’état either. Not anymore.

Photo 1-14-2557 BE, 21 46 19

Respect My Rights, Respect My Vote, No coup d’état please.

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