Travel theme: Illuminated

I really wanted to see the Starlight Garden when I was in Tokyo last year (December 2013). So my brother and I went to Tokyo Midtown in order to looking for the illumination.

We have walked along a road after we left a metro station. We firstly found this lighting decoration.

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

But we didn’t know that this street would lead to the Starlight Garden. So we walked to Tokyo Midtown area as Google map’s suggestion. And we met the Santa.

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

And we were trying to find the garden but we couldn’t find anything there. My brother used his Japanese skill to read information and we realized that we had already passed the entrance to the garden. So we walked back and met this below trees along the road.

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Eventually, I met the starlight garden where was beautifully full of blue lighting.

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

I also recorded the lighting show at the garden, and I edited it in iMovie. You can watch some parts of the show on the video.


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