The ghosts from the past

Thailand’s political history has passed tragic incidents when Thai killed each other or Thai military utilized weapons to demolish Thai people’s lives. We have moved on and tended to forget those horrid truth. We are trying hard to sweep the ugly truth under the rugs and act like those terrifying events never happen. But the fact is that they did exist, and it might happen again sooner or later.

The video has been shared by We Vote (Facebook page) which supports Thailand’s general election on 2nd February 2014 because there is an attempt to postpone or cancel this election in order to erect the People’s council instead of Parliament selected by Thai people. Its soundtrack may sound too dreamy for some people, imagining the peace. The video talks about the main events that occurred in the past. The bloodshed events of Thailand’s history.

Be aware of nasty pictures in the video as it contained the footages of killing, violence, and bodies.

Hope that someday we will live as one. But I have no clue about my country’s future. The difference of political beliefs possibly continues to the point of no return. And I’m afraid that … Again, we would get rid of each other. We would forget that the one we take their breath are Thai. We need to take side. We would forget that our country would collapse soon and we would be in that together. We would be destroyed together.

We are a developing country. We are a small country that doesn’t provide the world with much significant impact. While other countries are going to the future, we might be going back to the past and living with our ghosts among debris of Hatred.

No exit?

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