Steve’s Monday Music Mix – We are the world

I stumbled onto this blog and I like the new challenge by Steve. The rules for this challenge is as following:

As Steve says Each week I will post 3 new questions so…

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

After asking him whether this challenge is only for Monday or not. He confirmed that we could post on any day during the week. So I think it would be fun to join this challenge and cultivate my creativity based on music I love.

Photo 1-21-2557 BE, 20 42 23

This week’s three questions are as below:

In an ideal world …?

Take this, it’s yours
An anthem for a lost cause
Now ashes, bone and splinter
What once was a glittering prize
The composition rites

Anthem For a Lost Cause (Demo) – Manic Street Preachers

In an ideal world where we would sing an anthem for a lost cause. We would stand with hands in hands among others. Sing out loud to remind us of the time when we were together before this ideal world has arrived.

In a cruel world …?

Never give up, never look back
I won’t give up I’ll keep on trying
Dry your tears up, all your crying
Cannot fix me up my darling
Fix me up my darling

Fix me up – A film handshake (Zach Sobiech and Sammy Brown)

In a cruel world, It would be great if you could fix me up. If you console me when I try and fail. If you stand by my side and never let go. I will try my hardest because you will be there with me.

In another world ..?

Little by little by hook or by crook
Never get nervous
Never get judged
I’m no idiot
I should look

Little by Little – Radiohead

Little by Little, I’m walking behind you. I’m waiting for you to realise who has been following you for a long time. I’m no idiot, you know? You have insulted me. You have bullied me. I’m waiting for today when we are living in another world where I’m not afraid of you anymore. Be aware for you aren’t looking for. I’m right here behind you.

Alone in the dark

Photo 1-20-2557 BE, 21 12 51

Today I tried an updated app called Vintique. It has been in my iPhone for 2-3 years and it has been updated recently to fit the iOS 7 operating system. The new UI is much better than the previous version. I believe that it also has a new function which users can apply pattern to pictures.

Behind the shot:
iPhone 5s’ native camera

The picture was taken at Haneda airport where we could go to the observatory to look at airplanes. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much because it was dark and cold. I was left alone on the deck and I had a few minutes to capture photos.

Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as your Lens: Black and White (Black vs. White)

The ghosts from the past

Thailand’s political history has passed tragic incidents when Thai killed each other or Thai military utilized weapons to demolish Thai people’s lives. We have moved on and tended to forget those horrid truth. We are trying hard to sweep the ugly truth under the rugs and act like those terrifying events never happen. But the fact is that they did exist, and it might happen again sooner or later.

The video has been shared by We Vote (Facebook page) which supports Thailand’s general election on 2nd February 2014 because there is an attempt to postpone or cancel this election in order to erect the People’s council instead of Parliament selected by Thai people. Its soundtrack may sound too dreamy for some people, imagining the peace. The video talks about the main events that occurred in the past. The bloodshed events of Thailand’s history.

Be aware of nasty pictures in the video as it contained the footages of killing, violence, and bodies.

Hope that someday we will live as one. But I have no clue about my country’s future. The difference of political beliefs possibly continues to the point of no return. And I’m afraid that … Again, we would get rid of each other. We would forget that the one we take their breath are Thai. We need to take side. We would forget that our country would collapse soon and we would be in that together. We would be destroyed together.

We are a developing country. We are a small country that doesn’t provide the world with much significant impact. While other countries are going to the future, we might be going back to the past and living with our ghosts among debris of Hatred.

No exit?

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Travel theme: Illuminated

I really wanted to see the Starlight Garden when I was in Tokyo last year (December 2013). So my brother and I went to Tokyo Midtown in order to looking for the illumination.

We have walked along a road after we left a metro station. We firstly found this lighting decoration.

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

But we didn’t know that this street would lead to the Starlight Garden. So we walked to Tokyo Midtown area as Google map’s suggestion. And we met the Santa.

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

And we were trying to find the garden but we couldn’t find anything there. My brother used his Japanese skill to read information and we realized that we had already passed the entrance to the garden. So we walked back and met this below trees along the road.

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Eventually, I met the starlight garden where was beautifully full of blue lighting.

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

Tokyo | Japan | 2013

I also recorded the lighting show at the garden, and I edited it in iMovie. You can watch some parts of the show on the video.

Shutting Down …

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post that the demonstrators would block seven main intersections in Bangkok, and they call their operation as Bangkok shutdown. I don’t want to repeat what they’ve requested for. But to be brief, they want to reform the government in Thailand which they have proposed something like People’s council to replace Parliament. Don’t ask me how would they choose the People’s council because they don’t explain. They just tell everyone that they want to reform the government in order to get rid of the legacy of ousted Thaksin Shinawatra whose parties are still selected since 2001. Some of their leaders said that they think people shouldn’t have equal rights in voting system because they claimed that most people were bought by money to vote.

Speaking of Bangkok shutdown, they eventually changed from 13 to 12th in the evening to start their operations. I decided to work from home on 13th Jan so I could keep an eye on the situation. However, today I went to work at office without any problem. The demonstration is still going on with their request the resignation from the ex-prime minister even if she has already resigned from PM. since she dissolved our Parliament on 9 Dec 2013. She is an acting PM. who administrate the government until the next election.

Right now, I don’t know what the demonstration really wants apart from expelling Shinawatra’s family from country which I don’t know whether it would cause less corruption as their excuse or not. No one knows what will be the end of their protest. Nevertheless, we as people in Thailand try to peacefully show the protesters (Yes, they are Thai too.) that we don’t want their method to reach less corruption. We want the election that every Thai citizen has equal rights to vote. Not let somebody to choose who will be our government. Moreover, our voices should reach Thai military to say that we don’t want coup d’état either. Not anymore.

Photo 1-14-2557 BE, 21 46 19

Respect My Rights, Respect My Vote, No coup d’état please.

The Green Fly

Photo 1-13-2557 BE, 20 42 25

Behind the shot:
iPhone5s’ native camera
Cropped and Wrote Blog name in Stickr
Resized in EverClipper

This shot was still in the same trip when I visited my Grandma last month (Dec-2013). The thing I like about phone camera is that we can capture everything everywhere every time we want. Like this time I saw the green fly on the green leave in a very small pond at my grandma’s home.

Happy Phoneography Monday: Macro

Daily Prompt: Fast Forward

If I could fast forward my life to the future, I would go to next year when my long-time work project will finish and I will be able to take long vacation to travel abroad. I wish to go to New Zealand:

Or I might visit my friend who is living in Virginia, and we can drive to NYC.

Or if I can’t take 2-weeks vacation, I may choose Tokyo instead.

Only I can take the time machine to reach that time.