Tokyo 2013

Adorable and Fun video to watch even though we don’t know them.

Nice song too.

Travel theme: Work

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

I saw this girl wearing costume in order to do her work as a pamphlets distributor. She tried to deliver leaflets to passer-by who were walking along a street in Akibahara Area, Tokyo Japan. I went to Akibahara during my trip to Japan in 2010. Apart from one animation center where we wanted to go, my friends and I didn’t have any specific plan for the area. So we walked around for a while.

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

We also attempted to look for something to eat before going to our target. My brother took us to his favorite Ramen restaurant where we sat on a counter so we could see chefs cooking our Ramen.

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

Ramen was so delicious.

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

After our stomach had been full, we went to our objective in this area which was Tokyo Anime Center. It turned out that there was nothing much to see apart from models of famous cartoon characters.

Nice to see you again, familiar faces.

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

Tokyo | Japan | 2010

Steve’s Music Mix – How Deep Is Your…Music?

I still enjoy responding to Steve‘s Music Mix challenge. It’s refreshing to create a post related to something I love like this apart from photography.

This week’s questions are as following:

What is your view of people?

Lego House – Ed Sheeran

If People in the world act like those Lego living in a Lego house? It would be great, yes or no? Yes, because we could knock something down if we don’t like them in the Lego world. Moreover, Lego won’t die neither while real people do die. Nevertheless, Lego don’t have emotion. Lego can’t understand what’s love. People can. Lego can’t smile but people can. Lego can’t hug each other or even hold hands. So it wouldn’t be that fantastic if people transform themselves to live in a Lego house. Yes or No?

What is the meaning of life?

She owns the streets – The Raveonettes

One person used to tell me that her life would be meaningful if she got richer. She wanted to have her own fabulous house. Her house would cover a lot of long roads like she owns the streets. She thought that her life would be happier if she could get something like that. She asked me what about your life? For me, I thought it would be brilliant if I could be a millionaire. However, I didn’t think that would display the meaning of life. I believed that life is when you can be content with what you have. That’s the meaning of life for me.

If you could change your name what would it be?

We suck young blood (Your Time is Up) – Radiohead

What?!? that’s ridiculous. Why do I want to change my name to that one? I don’t like to be a vampire. I don’t think I want to suck blood from anyone. Oh…. I think my time in this post is up.

See you again next Steve’s Music Mix Challenge.

How to see sun rising

Hua Hin | Thailand | Jan-2014

Hua Hin | Thailand | Jan-2014

This image showed us how my colleague saw the sunrise. Ha Ha … Not really. Actually, I asked her to jump for me so I could utilize the ‘Burst’ mode on my iPhone 5s and I luckily got a good set of photos. I then applied the HDR filter in FotoRus, added text in Phonto and adjusted new picture size in ‘Resize Image’.

I posted this picture in order to respond to the Phoneography Challenge, Your Phone as Your Lens which I selected Travel for this week’s challenger choice.

Before blooming


I’m currently practising a manual mode (Mode M) on my new camera and I have fun doing it despite the fact that I need to snap many shots to get just one decent or acceptable image. Like this one that I photographed almost 30 photos and only one photo that I was satisfied with. But I know that this is a practice so we have to shoot a lot to reach the certain level that we can recall which set up we should use in various situations.

This bud of a rose is in a flowerpot next to our terrace in front of our home. I think it is a first one of roses to bloom after the winter season (which the winter in my country wasn’t that cold compared to other areas around the world).

While taking its photos, I realized that this rose will have a chance to bloom to a beautiful one. Nevertheless, a girl and a boy didn’t have opportunities to do that because their lives have taken away before passing the youth. Apart from that, there are other children who will never have any chance to grow up with their fathers or mothers because the death came to their families.

Why did I say that? The reason was that during the past week, there were 3 deaths in a clash between Thai police and the anti-goverment protesters. Last night (22-Feb-2014), there was a bomb and shooting near the demonstration stage in Trad province and caused 41 injures including the death of a 8 year old girl. This evening (23-Feb-2014) before writing this post, there was another bomb inside the protest area near the department store which caused 24 injures and 2 deaths; one of them was a 12 year old boy sister and brother whose ages were 6 and 5 years old.

Although I disagree with the protest because their request is to get less democracy. But I don’t want to see anyone dies. They are Thai people like me in spite of different political belief. I oppose violence towards everyone. However, we can’t know what’s going on now. Who has done this? And where will be the next target?

I never thought that the situation would come to this state where I’ve gradually started to fear for danger to my family and I as well as my friends or people I’ve known.

I understand that life has to go on but I want this post to remember that some lives never have a chance to go on.

Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 2 – HDR and Saturation

I’m still learning how to shoot with my new camera, FujiFilm X-E1. Yesterday (21-Feb-2014), I tried to capture a bird holding on the roof of our neighbour’s house. I was at the balcony on the 4th floor of our home in order to photograph the sky and clouds. However, I couldn’t capture what I wanted to do, then my eyes had caught this little bird and I therefore changed my mind to snap photo of the bird instead.

Too bad, the photo quality wasn’t that good because the light wasn’t enough. Moreover, there was a part that was in a shade which showed in the photo as dark area. I believe that HDR might be able to improve the photo quality. So I transferred the photo to my iPhone and used an application called ‘SnapSeed’ for the HDR filter and adjustment.

In my opinion, the output was quite acceptable even though the colour in the shade seemed to be unnatural. However, we could see the bird and overall picture clearly after the adjustment.


Compared to the original photo.


This post is an entry for weliveinaflat and Firebonnet‘s Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 2 – HDR and Saturation. You can follow the challenge’s link to know more about HDR and saturation which the hosts have really provided the theme’s interesting information for us.