The day

Today (2nd Feb 2014) is the day when Thailand has a national election. To be honest, I never thought that we could come to the election because there is a certain group of Thai people who has been trying to undermine the rights to vote of other Thai citizens.

Let me recap something. On 26th Jan 2014, there were an early election happening around the country. However, some polling stations couldn’t open and some voters couldn’t enter the stations because the anti-government protesters blocked the places. (News)

To add the heat, the gun battle occurred in Bangkok (our capital city) yesterday (1st Feb 2014) between two groups of different political belief. (News)

Apart from the critical tension, my family and I peacefully went to vote at the polling station in our neighbourhood this morning (2nd Feb 2014). After that, I came home and needed to work from home all day because I have a deadline to meet for my project at work. I didn’t follow any news about the election. But I knew that there are some disrupted polling stations, and people who wanted to vote couldn’t use their rights. (News)

I still keep saying that I don’t know how or when the political turmoil will end even though we’ve already had the national election. I’ve only known that I want to use my right to vote for the government. I don’t want any group to choose the government for us. But if the anti-protesters win this situation, the one person = one vote will be discontinued as they claimed that they would lead the new politics in Thailand. They proposed to erect the People’s council which they would choose good people to rule the government and let Thai citizens to vote for some members of the House of Representative.

Democracy isn’t the perfect government system but I believe that it could give the basic rights for human beings in the political aspect. Thailand has a long history for our cry-for-democracy. We have lost their lives along the line. And I will never forget.
Photo 2-2-2557 BE, 19 33 37

Black May 1992


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