Steve’s Music Mix – Why can’t we?

This week’s questions for Music Mix from Steve are:

1. What were you doing an hour ago?

12 – The 1975

12 Years ago, I worked in position that I didn’t like.
6 Months ago, I searched for somewhere to go in Japan for a trip in December 2013.
3 Days ago, I attended a funeral.
an hour ago, I liked 12 updated feeds on my Facebook wall.

2. Why are you doing this?

(It’s Not War) Just the end of Love – Manic Street Preacher

I keep reading posts on Facebook even though some of them might make me miserable because it helps me practice my tolerance. No, it’s not war at all. It’s just the end of love. It’s just something I use to prove that I have been mature enough to not react to some non-sense posts.

3. What will you be doing once you’ve finished this?

Graceless – The National

I will not do anything graceless at all.


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