Steve’s Music Mix – Hopelessly Addicted

According to Steve says, we have these below 3 questions for this week’s music mix.

I’m addicted to….?

Moon – Foals

Honestly, I don’t like looking at the full moon too much. I feel like I would turn to lunatic if I look at the moon too many times. However, I’m recently addicted to the moon, the size of it, and the idea of it. The moon sometimes looked serene. (Disclaimer: This is just a fiction because I still don’t like looking at the full Moon. It always reminds me of the night I woke up to see the big full Moon outside my window and it looked really scary).

I wish I didn’t….?

Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

I wish I didn’t turn down your paws, my friend.
Your dirty paws used to calm my nerves.
Your swinging tail used to remind me that I wasn’t alone.
The love in your eyes used to help me go through my hardest days.
I wish I could rewind my days back to the time your dirty paws were in my hands.

I would love to…?

King and Lionheart

I wish one day I would meet my king with his lion heart and we would live happily ever after.


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