The distorted reality

Photo 2-16-2557 BE, 20 06 44

I’ve tried creating Bokeh for this challenge, and I got this photo too which I think it might have not be a good bokeh in term of photography? However, I just love it as I think of it as the mixture of painting (background) and photograph (foreground). The background was distorted like you couldn’t know what it was used to be.

It was like my life regarding the political situation in my country right now. Nothing changes after the national election has passed. The protest is still going on. We still don’t have a government because we don’t have enough representatives in parliament due to disruption at polling stations in some areas: Bangkok and the southern of Thailand. The worse thing is that the election committee, who should set up another election to cover the missing ones, decides to set a new election date in April this year which some might say it is too late. I never see the election committee who doesn’t want to support the election system like this one before. The demonstration still asks for something that I don’t know anymore. It is surreal. I feel like the right system has been amiss. The situation is beyond my logic to understand.

I think I might need to ignore everything related to politics. I need to let it go before my life is sucked into the twisted reality. Sometimes the stress is too much.

But I know that ignorance doesn’t help us through this tough time. So I just want to … Rest. Gain strength. Take a deep breath. Before going back to the world where everyone just believe what they do are right. No one listens to others. Only believe in the reality they prefer.

The distorted reality.


3 thoughts on “The distorted reality

  1. I like the colour for this, and the blurred background does help to focus your eye on the subject in front. By itself, this branch looks nicer too. Although that brown stuff close to it but behind did distract me a bit. I do think overall, this is the better shot ;)

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