Steve’s Music Mix – Me, Myself & I…

This week’s three questions from Steve are as following:

I feel like…?

Sun – Two Door Cinema Club

I feel like the Sun always affects how the sky will look everyday. The sky will have complex mixture of colour when the Sunlight shines through the clouds. I love looking at the sky especially whenever the Sun is rising or setting. The colour of the sky will be at its best during both times.

I want to…?

Humiliation – The National

I want to get humiliation? No, I don’t think so and nope I don’t want give it to anyone neither. I can’t stand when I see someone will get humiliation even in movies. That’s why I don’t like jokes that make people laugh by using Humiliation as a tool.

I need to..?

Another Guy – Travis

Ahhh… the Valentine’s day has passed without a special one next to my side.  My ex-boyfriend and I has broken up for two years and a half. I was the one who walked away because I needed to do that. I knew that I hardly meet a new guy after this break-up because of my age since the tradition in my country tends to look at a woman with age over 30 years old as an old maids. Guys around my ages have already got married or they are looking for younger women. Nevertheless, it is fine by me if I never meet another guy because I realised I had to leave that relationship before my emotion would be destroyed much more than that.

And right now I’m content with my life.




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