Before blooming


I’m currently practising a manual mode (Mode M) on my new camera and I have fun doing it despite the fact that I need to snap many shots to get just one decent or acceptable image. Like this one that I photographed almost 30 photos and only one photo that I was satisfied with. But I know that this is a practice so we have to shoot a lot to reach the certain level that we can recall which set up we should use in various situations.

This bud of a rose is in a flowerpot next to our terrace in front of our home. I think it is a first one of roses to bloom after the winter season (which the winter in my country wasn’t that cold compared to other areas around the world).

While taking its photos, I realized that this rose will have a chance to bloom to a beautiful one. Nevertheless, a girl and a boy didn’t have opportunities to do that because their lives have taken away before passing the youth. Apart from that, there are other children who will never have any chance to grow up with their fathers or mothers because the death came to their families.

Why did I say that? The reason was that during the past week, there were 3 deaths in a clash between Thai police and the anti-goverment protesters. Last night (22-Feb-2014), there was a bomb and shooting near the demonstration stage in Trad province and caused 41 injures including the death of a 8 year old girl. This evening (23-Feb-2014) before writing this post, there was another bomb inside the protest area near the department store which caused 24 injures and 2 deaths; one of them was a 12 year old boy sister and brother whose ages were 6 and 5 years old.

Although I disagree with the protest because their request is to get less democracy. But I don’t want to see anyone dies. They are Thai people like me in spite of different political belief. I oppose violence towards everyone. However, we can’t know what’s going on now. Who has done this? And where will be the next target?

I never thought that the situation would come to this state where I’ve gradually started to fear for danger to my family and I as well as my friends or people I’ve known.

I understand that life has to go on but I want this post to remember that some lives never have a chance to go on.

8 thoughts on “Before blooming

    • Actually, the protest wasn’t that peaceful as they tried to create unsettled status in our country especially in a capital city such as closing roads, government buildings, disrupting our national election (in Bangkok and the Southern of Thailand), and etc. Anyway, I don’t want to see anyone dies but something already happened and we need to be careful for something that might happen in the future.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  1. I always get a lot of blurred shots when I switch to manual. I have to balance between manual and auto if I want to have any good shots of Donna at all D:… sometimes it gets a little disheartening, but yes, I will carry on!! :P

  2. Very sad and sorry to hear about the bombs and violence in your country, and my heart goes out to all those who lost their lives :( It must be very dangerous there, not knowing what might happen wherever you are. Take care, Cotton, and keep positive because with hope, anything good can happen :)

    On a positive note, I want to say that is a lovely picture you took. The background is blurred very nicely and the flower stands out. Do you have any control over how much blur/blurriness you can create?

    • Thanks for your comment and sorry for late reply to your question.

      I don’t think I know how to control the blur/blurriness in the photos. However, I have been practising shooting with the Bokeh (blur) effect in my mind. So required things I’ve learned about Bokeh are:
      1. Long Focal Length (which my kits lens can reach 55 mm)
      2. Wide aperture means small F number (The kit lens can set minimum F4 at Focal Length 55 mm and F2.8 at minimum Focal Length 18 mm)
      3. Compose a subject by looking for the light source and setting it to be background.

      Anyway we can get nice Bokeh effect even though we use low focal length if our aperture is wide enough. For me, I need to use the Manual mode to help create the Bokeh effect because I don’t own Prime lens with long focal length (such as 60 mm) and wide aperture (such as F2.4).

      How to control Manual Mode:
      1. We need to design our photos by specifying what we want to control: Aperture (F-Value) or Speed Shutter (S-Value).
      2. For example, we adjust speed shutter to be 125 or 250 or 60 depending on the light if we want our photos to have depth of field which means controlling aperture to be F2.8.
      3. We need to look at the light metering on our camera screen and try to adjust Speed shutter to reach light metering at 0. We can also adjust ISO to help the light scale be 0.
      4. After that, use Focus to capture our subject. Normally, the autofocus will help us to be able to capture the clear subject with the blurry background.

      I’m not sure whether I can thoroughly explain this to you or not because the explanation needs photography’s technical term which I don’t know English vocabulary for some words.

      PS. I learned the technic for Manual mode from this Youtube video, unfortunately its language is Thai.

  3. Sad times, but given the way the world is these days, deterioration to violence is perhaps not that unexpected. Let’s just hope that people see sense and further deterioration doesn’t occur.

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