Steve’s Music Mix – How Deep Is Your…Music?

I still enjoy responding to Steve‘s Music Mix challenge. It’s refreshing to create a post related to something I love like this apart from photography.

This week’s questions are as following:

What is your view of people?

Lego House – Ed Sheeran

If People in the world act like those Lego living in a Lego house? It would be great, yes or no? Yes, because we could knock something down if we don’t like them in the Lego world. Moreover, Lego won’t die neither while real people do die. Nevertheless, Lego don’t have emotion. Lego can’t understand what’s love. People can. Lego can’t smile but people can. Lego can’t hug each other or even hold hands. So it wouldn’t be that fantastic if people transform themselves to live in a Lego house. Yes or No?

What is the meaning of life?

She owns the streets – The Raveonettes

One person used to tell me that her life would be meaningful if she got richer. She wanted to have her own fabulous house. Her house would cover a lot of long roads like she owns the streets. She thought that her life would be happier if she could get something like that. She asked me what about your life? For me, I thought it would be brilliant if I could be a millionaire. However, I didn’t think that would display the meaning of life. I believed that life is when you can be content with what you have. That’s the meaning of life for me.

If you could change your name what would it be?

We suck young blood (Your Time is Up) – Radiohead

What?!? that’s ridiculous. Why do I want to change my name to that one? I don’t like to be a vampire. I don’t think I want to suck blood from anyone. Oh…. I think my time in this post is up.

See you again next Steve’s Music Mix Challenge.

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