Steve’s Music Mix – Me, Myself & I…

This week’s three questions from Steve are as following:

I feel like…?

Sun – Two Door Cinema Club

I feel like the Sun always affects how the sky will look everyday. The sky will have complex mixture of colour when the Sunlight shines through the clouds. I love looking at the sky especially whenever the Sun is rising or setting. The colour of the sky will be at its best during both times.

I want to…?

Humiliation – The National

I want to get humiliation? No, I don’t think so and nope I don’t want give it to anyone neither. I can’t stand when I see someone will get humiliation even in movies. That’s why I don’t like jokes that make people laugh by using Humiliation as a tool.

I need to..?

Another Guy – Travis

Ahhh… the Valentine’s day has passed without a special one next to my side.  My ex-boyfriend and I has broken up for two years and a half. I was the one who walked away because I needed to do that. I knew that I hardly meet a new guy after this break-up because of my age since the tradition in my country tends to look at a woman with age over 30 years old as an old maids. Guys around my ages have already got married or they are looking for younger women. Nevertheless, it is fine by me if I never meet another guy because I realised I had to leave that relationship before my emotion would be destroyed much more than that.

And right now I’m content with my life.



The Beginning of the End

iPhone 5s’s native camera.

Processed with VSCOcam with LV02 preset.

Added another filter and credit in Phonto.

Added up another B&W filter in SnapSeed.

Resized a photo in Macbook.

This photo is a respond to Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: Black-and-White .

The distorted reality

Photo 2-16-2557 BE, 20 06 44

I’ve tried creating Bokeh for this challenge, and I got this photo too which I think it might have not be a good bokeh in term of photography? However, I just love it as I think of it as the mixture of painting (background) and photograph (foreground). The background was distorted like you couldn’t know what it was used to be.

It was like my life regarding the political situation in my country right now. Nothing changes after the national election has passed. The protest is still going on. We still don’t have a government because we don’t have enough representatives in parliament due to disruption at polling stations in some areas: Bangkok and the southern of Thailand. The worse thing is that the election committee, who should set up another election to cover the missing ones, decides to set a new election date in April this year which some might say it is too late. I never see the election committee who doesn’t want to support the election system like this one before. The demonstration still asks for something that I don’t know anymore. It is surreal. I feel like the right system has been amiss. The situation is beyond my logic to understand.

I think I might need to ignore everything related to politics. I need to let it go before my life is sucked into the twisted reality. Sometimes the stress is too much.

But I know that ignorance doesn’t help us through this tough time. So I just want to … Rest. Gain strength. Take a deep breath. Before going back to the world where everyone just believe what they do are right. No one listens to others. Only believe in the reality they prefer.

The distorted reality.

Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 1 – Bokeh

I’ve unintentionally got a new camera which is Fuji Film X-E1. Why did I say ‘unintentionally’? Because I actually wanted to buy X100s when I walked into a Camera shop. However, I was brought around by a staff who tried to sell this X-E1. Honestly, I knew that he tried to clear up the stock of X-E1 model since the newer model of this product line has just been launched which is X-E2.

Anyway, I decided to buy the X-E1 instead of X100s, and I’m still kind of regret that I didn’t buy the x100s. Nevertheless, I find that X-E1 is a very good mirrorless camera and I’ve started to feel fun adapting myself to its function even though its kit lens is a bit intimidated because of the size. I’m surprised that the user interface of Fuji Film camera is quite easy to understand. Before this one, I’ve used Olympus E-P1 for 3-4 years but I still can’t comprehend how could I use its features. Right now, I’m on the learning curve for my new camera.

Speak of photography, Bokeh is one of photo effects that I really want to be able to produce it. I’ve read about how to create bokeh, and I kind of know that the aperture should be larger (means small number). The ideal aperture should be f/2.8, 1.8 and 1.4 (Source). So I wasn’t sure that I could capture the Bokeh effect as my camera’s lens kit has its aperture range from 2.8 to 4. However, I accidentally found photos in Flickr Pool which the photographer has the same camera model as me, and some of his photos displayed Bokeh by using the lens kit. I noticed that he manually adjusted shutter speed to work with smaller aperture than f/2.8 so I wanted to try the same technique as his. Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name so I can’t find his gallery on Flickr anymore.

Today I tested some combination of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and focal length for the Bokeh result. I think that the outputs were quite acceptable. I chose this photo for a respond to the challenge co-hosted by weliveinaflat and firebonnet.


Fuji Film X-E1 + Lens18-55 mm | ISO 250 | Focal Length 42.5 | F/4 | S1/500 | EV -1

I think their challenge is flexible which leads to our own creativity to produce responses as we desire. Hope to see some of you joining their challenge too.

Travel theme: Yellow

One of my goals during the trip of Autumn Leaf  in Japan last year was to visit the Gingko Avenue (Icho Namiki). Gingko Avenue is the road that was lined with Gingko trees which its leaves would turn to yellow color when the Autumn season had arrived.

I wasn’t disappointed at all even though there were a lot of people there. The scenery was too beautiful to bother with a vast number of people who wanted to see the brilliant color of the golden trees.

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Finalized this post with a yellow subway train to Shibuya.

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Tokyo | Japan | Dec-2013

Steve’s Music Mix – Hopelessly Addicted

According to Steve says, we have these below 3 questions for this week’s music mix.

I’m addicted to….?

Moon – Foals

Honestly, I don’t like looking at the full moon too much. I feel like I would turn to lunatic if I look at the moon too many times. However, I’m recently addicted to the moon, the size of it, and the idea of it. The moon sometimes looked serene. (Disclaimer: This is just a fiction because I still don’t like looking at the full Moon. It always reminds me of the night I woke up to see the big full Moon outside my window and it looked really scary).

I wish I didn’t….?

Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

I wish I didn’t turn down your paws, my friend.
Your dirty paws used to calm my nerves.
Your swinging tail used to remind me that I wasn’t alone.
The love in your eyes used to help me go through my hardest days.
I wish I could rewind my days back to the time your dirty paws were in my hands.

I would love to…?

King and Lionheart

I wish one day I would meet my king with his lion heart and we would live happily ever after.

The shells and the sea

Photo 2-10-2557 BE, 21 42 41

To be honest, I’m not sure whether this photo is a macro shot or the closed-up one. However, I’d like to post it for this week’s Phoneography challenge: Macro. It might not absolutely conform with the theme but I liked that it could make the shells to look bigger despite the vast sea behind them.

Behind the shot: I captured the photo in the Hipstamatic app. After that, I used the EverClipper app to crop and resize it. Then, Phonto is one of my favourite apps for text adding. Those steps were on my iPhone 5s.

Life goes on

I’ve kept updating the political situation in my country. I usually post it on every Sunday but I don’t have anything to update much this Sunday. We still can’t form the government even though the national election was already held on 2nd Feb 2014 because some areas couldn’t let people vote due to the difficulty of protest or lack of staffs. We have to wait for results from another election which will be held on 23 Feb 2014. The protest is still going on during this waiting time. No end is near to be seen. Nobody wants to step back. Everyone wants their own agenda to win over others.

The country needs to move on. People who don’t participate in the protest need to go on with our lives. Our life needs to go on as the sun needs to rise and set.

The sunset was captured from my home and I applied the filter to it.