The distinct color

Photo 3-31-2557 BE, 22 32 00


This Monday is the 5th one of this month which the theme from Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge is Editing and Processing. I chose to edit the below image by using Magic Color filter on Camera 360 to get the dominant color of stones for each picture.

Photo 3-31-2557 BE, 22 36 20


I then used ProCollage to stick 6 images together. The poster style came from Phoster where I also put the blog credit into it. I selected Coffee print out for the poster.


Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life? Krista

Krista has asked us the above question on today’s Daily Prompt Topic. I think my code of conduct mainly comes from my parents and my aunt mixed with those lines that I’ve read on a lot of books.

I believe in fair treatment. Respect other people’s rights. Not insulting people on their belief, occupation, social status, educational background, etc. I know that it’s easy to say these beautiful words about my belief, but it’s not easy to act like that all the time. However, I try hard to do so. Anyway, I realize that I think I have no regard for someone who unkindly acts toward other people. If you act like that to other people, how can I respect your opinions on anything?


I always attempt to follow the laws and rules. Yep, I was once a good student. I rarely skipped the classes. Never cheat on my exams. Like never!. I don’t like cheating. I don’t want to lie. If I have to lie, I choose to not talk about it. Nevertheless, as I’ve grown up into the social world. I sometimes find that the truth can outcast you from a group. So I decide to stay quiet on some topics. As living in my country, you can’t say everything you think. Your words can come back to bite you or put you in a miserable place. Freedom of speech isn’t a thing in this country no matter what some of my friends believe that they have.They think they have the freedom because they talk about things that social standard accepts it.


I’m also one of those people who believe in the global warming. For me, you can say that I’m kind of obsessed with using my bag instead of plastic bags whenever I have a chance to do so. In addition, I have been known in my work department that I collect used paper and plastic bottles which my dad will give them to people living nearby so they can sell them to recycling shops. It’s like we help reduce garbage and some people can get money for that.

wonder-next-earth-day-ecard-someecardsTo be honest, I have more to tell. But I think I will stop right here as one thing I’ve tried to walk the line is to sleep for 6-8 hours. Finish this post and I will go to bed soon.

Good Night (10:06 PM my time) …


Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 7 – Turn your photo into a Sketch

Sketching isn’t my thing when it comes to photo apps on my phone. I rarely apply the sketching filter to photos. So I was kind of intrigued how I could approach this week’s challenge from weliveinaflat and firebonnet for Snappy H’appy which is a Sketch. I tried using the sketch filters in Camera 360 but I wasn’t satisfied with their results. I then searched for other apps in App store, and I came across this app called ‘SketchGuRu’ which I’m kind of alright with its output after testing some photos in it.

SketchGuru is a free app providing around 18 filters ranging from pencil sketching to crayon, color pencils or even water colour. However, the water colour effect doesn’t come out that good comparing with the sketching effect.

I had tried many photos with different sketching filters in this app. I finally made up my mind to use a photo of a tree that I also applied B&W filter to it before changing it to pencil sketching.

Here’s the result.


And this is the B&W version of an original photo.


I think that a tree’s trunks and branches are suitable for sketching style. That was why I’ve chosen this image as a respond to the Snappy H’appy Photo challenge week 7.


Travel theme: Pink

When I first saw this week’s travel theme from Ailsa, I couldn’t help thinking of the cherry blossom in Japan where I could see pale pink petal of Sakura trees or bright pink of plum trees. 3 out of my 8 trips in Japan were in April when everyone visited Japan for Cherry Blossom.

The below set of pink photos were taken during one of those 3 Sakura trips. It was way back to the time in April 2004.

Tokyo | Japan | 2004

Tokyo | Japan | 2004

Tokyo | Japan | 2004

Tokyo | Japan | 2004

Osaka | Japan | 2004

Osaka | Japan | 2004

Osaka | Japan | 2004

Osaka | Japan | 2004

Himeji | Japan | 2004

Himeji | Japan | 2004

Himeji | Japan | 2004

Himeji | Japan | 2004

Kyoto | Japan | 2004

Kyoto | Japan | 2004

Kyoto | Japan | 2004

Kyoto | Japan | 2004

Fujinomiya | Japan | 2004

Fujinomiya | Japan | 2004

In my opinion, the Cherry blossom season is the best time to visit Japan if you’ve never been there before because you will be able to see the beauty of blooming flowers. In addition, the weather will be very nice with bright sunshine but still cool enough to walk around without wiping the sweat. Besides that, you will feel energetic vibe from those around you since as far as I’ve known; April is the beginning period of Japanese people’s life such as new job, school opening, etc. So you can feel that something have awakened from long hibernation in the cold Winter. Moreover, Japanese also have this tradition to eat&drink under the Sakura trees as they call Hanami (花見, “flower viewing”). You can sense the relaxation and fun moments all around.

Steve’s Music Mix – Where?

The Where Questions from Steve’s Music Mix Challenge this week. Here are the three questions…

Where have you come from? 

The City – Ed Sheeran

I swear that I didn’t cheat for this question. This song had sung once I clicked shuffle on my iPhone. It was really easy to write about because I was born in the city called Bangkok which is a capital city in Thailand. I’ve also grown up in the same city as well as living in it now.

Where are you at?

Way Back When – Kodaline

I believe that my age has arrived at the time I once in a  while think back to the time I was younger than this. Way back when I didn’t have to think too much and hold onto the unbendable faith. Way back when I was so naive to believe that a perfect one did exist.

Where are you going?

I realize that I will be living my life alone in the future which I don’t think I have a problem with solitude.Anyway, frankly speaking I’m a bit afraid of being alone. How can I take care of myself if something happens? But I know that I need to prepare myself to peacefully live with loneliness. Getting to be friend with that loneliness. Being best friend with myself.




This photo was took at my grandma’s home when I visited her yesterday (22-Mar-2014). Those who never be here in Thailand might not know what this is. The small building acts like the house of spirit. Some Thai people believes that there are spirits who has been taking care of their homes so they need to pay respect by building a house for those spirits. My home doesn’t have this one but our grandma’s house has.

We called this in Thai word as ‘Sarn’ (Shrine) which is the same word as ‘Sarn’ (Court). Speaking of court, I stopped writing about Thailand’s political situation for a while as we could pass the National’s Election day without so much violence even though there were bombs in some area during the following weeks. I therefore didn’t thought I would bring this topic back to my writing on Sunday so soon. However, there was a news that decreased the peace of my mind immensely. The constitutional court of Thailand ruled that a general election in February 2014 was invalid which voting result as 6:3.

They claimed that some voting stations couldn’t open to vote resulting this invalid election. Nevertheless, those stations couldn’t let the voters in because they were in the area dominated by demonstrators who have been trying to sabotage this election. So I felt like the court’s decision did’t look for the fact that there were a vast number of voting stations that could succeed the election. There were about 20,000,000 Thai people who walked out of their home to the voting stations even though they felt fear for their safety as they might have encountered some violence from those who disagreed with this election.

I felt like I have been betrayed by their decision to rule out the election February. My voice has been violated by this. My rights to vote has been ignored all over again.

Only those who have been supporting the demonstration in Thailand are the one who have their voices to dictate how Thailand will go in the future. I, myself, as a Thai who always believe in doing the right thing, follow the laws, respect other people’s voices, and never insult others based on their educational background, be just a voiceless person who was born and no other choices but living in this country. I have been living in lies that this land is mine. Hell, no it isn’t. And that I will keep in mind to remind myself that I should stay low and let all high and mighty people do what they want to do with this country.

I hope I can do that.

Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 6 – Colour Filter

I never have objection to post-processing for photographs. I think it is a great perk of this digital world that we can snap the moment and adapt it later. So I definitely agree with weliveinaflat‘s comments on colour filter in this week’s challenge co-hosted by her and firebonnet.

Many mobile apps are my favourite when it comes to all those glamorous filters. Anyway, I pondered what apps should I use for this challenge. I decided to adapt my chosen image in Camera 360 which I applied the Rainbow filter in the colourful set to the picture. I wanted the image to look more interesting (I hope) so I added another effect to it in Pixlr-o-matic.

hkdn00I love the way all filters give the feeling of colourful waves around Micky on the surfboard. I prefer the filtered version to the non-filter one.