Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 3 – Watercolour apps


This week’s theme for Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge (co-hosted by weliveinaflat and firebonnet) is quite challenging for me because I didn’t own any mobile apps that could provide photos with the water colour effect. I heard about WaterLogue app from a few bloggers around here as well as the hosts’ suggestion which I was impressed with its outputs. However, it is a paid app with 2.99 USD so it’s a hard decision because I’m not sure how many times I would use it.

As a result, I tried to find free apps in the Apple store which I found a few apps. But I wasn’t satisfied with their results that much. Fortunately, I noticed this apps called ‘LINE Brush‘. At first, I thought it just lets us draw and paint pictures. However, I found that we could import photos and use photo brush to create painting effects. Our photos will not be automatically changed to paintings but we need to use our fingers touch the screen for changing the part of photo to look like painting. We could also choose sizes of brush for each part of our photos.

The 1st photo of this post was the result of water colour brush effect. The original photo taken in Hipstamatic app on my old iPhone was the below image.


The LINE Brush app provides many interesting brush effects which I tried applying other effects to the same photo, and I really liked this one which was painted by the Impress effect (I believe that this effect is meant to imitate the Impressionism art: Oil Paintings).


One downside of this app was that it seemed to automatically crop my image without asking me. Nevertheless, I think this free app was quite fulfilled my need for Painting effect.

7 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 3 – Watercolour apps

  1. I agree! You found a wonderful app for free that works great! It’s a perfect image to use too. You got good painterly effects for the challenge. I’m looking into this app. I like how we all share info on this challenge.

  2. The original photo is stunning! And I agree on the point about the cost of the app versus its playability. I too don’t think I would have used it that much beyond the initial period of finding it a novelty :P I’m appreciate that you took the time to go find a free alternative because really find the apps and testing them out to get a pleasing effect for yourself does take time and effort! Thanks for playing and sharing ;) The painting effect does give a different feel to the gorgeous photo :)

  3. Great photo! The color of the water lily really does pop!! And I love the choice for the watercolor effect. I tried WaterLogue also, but like you did not get the results I wanted so went on the search for something different. I ended up with something that looks like mixed media pen&ink, and watercolor, but I really love the effect you achieved with this app. I am learning so much through this challenge. Stretching the boundaries of photography via my iPhone…

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