Colours on the ground

Photo 3-3-2557 BE, 21 22 21

I think one of the advantages of using mobile phone to take photos is that we can capture images in a various angles. Like this one that I lowered my iPhone 5s to get the picture of dry red/orange maple leaves on the green moss ground during the trip at Ginkakuji, Kyoto, Japan.

This photo was processed later in Line camera, and it was re-sized in ‘Resize Image’. Photo credit was added in Phonto, one of my favourite text apps.

I’d like to add another picture that I used LINE brush to provide the painting filter to it. This one was applied with the Seurat effect which I think this filter wants to imitate the arts by Georges Seurat.

Photo 3-3-2557 BE, 21 14 54

This post is a respond to Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: Nature.

9 thoughts on “Colours on the ground

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  2. Lovely colors. I agree that the phone makes it easy to get photos from different angles. I’m often bending every which way to get “just the right shot.” :-) Have a wonderful Monday.


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