Steve’s Music Mix – If …

Sit and write this post.
I’m so ready to start my writing for this week’s music challenge from Steve.
Here are three questions from him:

If I ruled the world…?

I would let no one tells lies. We must be sincere and talk what we really think. If you couldn’t tell the truth, so you just said nothing.

If only I could..?

싫은 날 – IU

If only I could understand Korean language, I would be able to know what my favorite Korean singer sings for me. However, I can feel the beauty of her voice even if I can’t comprehend what the lyrics are.

If I had a million dollars…?

Liar Liar – Avicii

Hey! how coincidence that the first and third of random songs were related to Lie. Yes, I just wanted to comment about that. Ok, let’s talk about the 3rd question … If I had a million dollars, I would find a way to invest that money so I could get more and move my family away to somewhere we don’t have to endure liars – it’s just a long story that we shouldn’t say anything about it.


5 thoughts on “Steve’s Music Mix – If …

  1. I like your responses! I would do the same too if I had a million dollars. Invest it in something that I know will give me a return, and then use what I’ve earned to build a recording studio for myself where I can make music and edit videos all day long. I would also use the money and buy friends and family dinner, so that we can all share love around.

    This is a bit off topic (sorry, but I really want to share): I bought tickets to Kodaline’s concert in Melbourne yesterday! Been thinking about going for months and I am very excited even though it’s a standing only concert and I might get crushed. It sold out right after I bought the ticket yesterday :)

    • Oh, I’m really glad that you will go to Kodaline’s convert and a bit envy you too.

      I truly love their album and believe it or not I just listened to their album today after changing to listen other new albums that I just bought. Their songs are still awesome even though I repeatedly listen to them.

      Hope you have a good time at their concert.

      • Thanks, Cotton. I hope I’ll get to stand close to the stage, I’m a very short person, haha. But I really just want to enjoy the music so if I don’t, it’s okay. What a coincidence that you listened to Kodaline again. I’ll tell you all about the concert :)

        I hope to see more album reviews or thoughts from you. Haven’t seen that too much on your blog lately ;)

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