Travel theme: Gardens

Kyoto | Japan | Dec - 2013

Kyoto | Japan | Dec – 2013

You might wonder why did I choose to post this panorama picture of Water Lilies for this week’s travel theme. Did I want to bend a rule by selecting this image for imitation of a lilies pond in the garden. Nope, I didn’t want to do that.

I was certain that I followed the theme because this piece of art was the 1st work at the Garden of Fine Arts  in Kyoto, Japan. This outdoor museum was designed by Tadao Ando. The garden holds  well-known masterpieces on porcelain panels. The admission fee is only 100 yen and free for children age 0 – 15 years old.

The work of arts are near-life sized recreation. You could see how grand of ‘The Last Judgement’ was by comparing with me on the front.

Kyoto | Japan | Dec - 2013

Kyoto | Japan | Dec – 2013

Besides the amazing works, the architecture is also impressive. It shows how considerable the architect thought and designed this place for art exhibition.

And because of the thoughtful design of the Garden of Fine Arts, I thought this place was really great for photography. We spent time taking a lot of photos while we were walking along the path leading us to each panel. We immensely enjoyed our time there even though the garden didn’t have a vast area holding only 8 pieces of art.

If you have a chance to go to Kyoto and you like art and photography, I certainly recommend this place to you to explore. I believe you won’t be disappointed. Anyway, please choose the day that is bright with sunshine because you will be able to see light and shadow that play around the place.

More information: Garden of Fine Arts, Kyoto.


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