Steve’s Music Mix – Where?

The Where Questions from Steve’s Music Mix Challenge this week. Here are the three questions…

Where have you come from? 

The City – Ed Sheeran

I swear that I didn’t cheat for this question. This song had sung once I clicked shuffle on my iPhone. It was really easy to write about because I was born in the city called Bangkok which is a capital city in Thailand. I’ve also grown up in the same city as well as living in it now.

Where are you at?

Way Back When – Kodaline

I believe that my age has arrived at the time I once in a  while think back to the time I was younger than this. Way back when I didn’t have to think too much and hold onto the unbendable faith. Way back when I was so naive to believe that a perfect one did exist.

Where are you going?

I realize that I will be living my life alone in the future which I don’t think I have a problem with solitude.Anyway, frankly speaking I’m a bit afraid of being alone. How can I take care of myself if something happens? But I know that I need to prepare myself to peacefully live with loneliness. Getting to be friend with that loneliness. Being best friend with myself.


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