Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 7 – Turn your photo into a Sketch

Sketching isn’t my thing when it comes to photo apps on my phone. I rarely apply the sketching filter to photos. So I was kind of intrigued how I could approach this week’s challenge from weliveinaflat and firebonnet for Snappy H’appy which is a Sketch. I tried using the sketch filters in Camera 360 but I wasn’t satisfied with their results. I then searched for other apps in App store, and I came across this app called ‘SketchGuRu’ which I’m kind of alright with its output after testing some photos in it.

SketchGuru is a free app providing around 18 filters ranging from pencil sketching to crayon, color pencils or even water colour. However, the water colour effect doesn’t come out that good comparing with the sketching effect.

I had tried many photos with different sketching filters in this app. I finally made up my mind to use a photo of a tree that I also applied B&W filter to it before changing it to pencil sketching.

Here’s the result.


And this is the B&W version of an original photo.


I think that a tree’s trunks and branches are suitable for sketching style. That was why I’ve chosen this image as a respond to the Snappy H’appy Photo challenge week 7.