Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life? Krista

Krista has asked us the above question on today’s Daily Prompt Topic. I think my code of conduct mainly comes from my parents and my aunt mixed with those lines that I’ve read on a lot of books.

I believe in fair treatment. Respect other people’s rights. Not insulting people on their belief, occupation, social status, educational background, etc. I know that it’s easy to say these beautiful words about my belief, but it’s not easy to act like that all the time. However, I try hard to do so. Anyway, I realize that I think I have no regard for someone who unkindly acts toward other people. If you act like that to other people, how can I respect your opinions on anything?


I always attempt to follow the laws and rules. Yep, I was once a good student. I rarely skipped the classes. Never cheat on my exams. Like never!. I don’t like cheating. I don’t want to lie. If I have to lie, I choose to not talk about it. Nevertheless, as I’ve grown up into the social world. I sometimes find that the truth can outcast you from a group. So I decide to stay quiet on some topics. As living in my country, you can’t say everything you think. Your words can come back to bite you or put you in a miserable place. Freedom of speech isn’t a thing in this country no matter what some of my friends believe that they have.They think they have the freedom because they talk about things that social standard accepts it.


I’m also one of those people who believe in the global warming. For me, you can say that I’m kind of obsessed with using my bag instead of plastic bags whenever I have a chance to do so. In addition, I have been known in my work department that I collect used paper and plastic bottles which my dad will give them to people living nearby so they can sell them to recycling shops. It’s like we help reduce garbage and some people can get money for that.

wonder-next-earth-day-ecard-someecardsTo be honest, I have more to tell. But I think I will stop right here as one thing I’ve tried to walk the line is to sleep for 6-8 hours. Finish this post and I will go to bed soon.

Good Night (10:06 PM my time) …