The distinct color

Photo 3-31-2557 BE, 22 32 00


This Monday is the 5th one of this month which the theme from Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge is Editing and Processing. I chose to edit the below image by using Magic Color filter on Camera 360 to get the dominant color of stones for each picture.

Photo 3-31-2557 BE, 22 36 20


I then used ProCollage to stick 6 images together. The poster style came from Phoster where I also put the blog credit into it. I selected Coffee print out for the poster.


10 thoughts on “The distinct color

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  3. At first when I saw the first photo, I thought the colourful things were M&Ms. I think it’s because I had a long day at work and am tired :D Lovely photos and great post-processing skills you have there.

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