Dust in the Wind

I liked the title of today post from Daily Prompt which asked us about the bucket list before we become dust in the wind.

Have you made your bucket list? Now’s the time — write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.

To be honest, I hadn’t known about this type of list before joining the WordPress blog community which somebody started to talk about their bucket list when a new year has begun. It didn’t mean I don’t have that kind of list. But I just wanted to say I had no idea that the list was called bucket list in English (as English is my 2nd language). Therefore when some bloggers talked about the bucket list, I needed to look at their posts and tried to understand what was the meaning of this list. And Yep, finally I knew. So I shouldn’t have had any problem with trying to reply to today’s question from Daily Post. But actually it was kind of difficult job to list all things I would like to succeed before I leave this world behind. I think I might be able to come up with 3 items for the list.

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1. Being able to communicate in Japanese efficiently.
(I used to study Japanese language at the basic level about 15 years ago but I almost forget all of them right now. Hopefully, I can drive myself to start learning this language again.)

2. Travel to these places:
– New Zealand (This country’s remarkable scenery and landscape has drawn me in since I was younger. Wish someday I will be able to be there)
– Hokkaido, Japan (To see the flower fields and eat a lot of famous yummy food)
– Yellowstone National Park, USA (I first noticed this park on a movie called 2012 which it had the eruption scene. Nope, I didn’t want to have that kind of experience like in the film but I was just interested in the park’s unique geography)

3. Having a book or two talking about my travel experience.
(I think this item is the hardest one on the list but I might be able to do that if I can self-publish or make it as an electronic book, Maybe?)

Umm, I think that’s all for now.

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