Hooray! I’ve finally survived the hottest day in Bangkok (my city) according to our National Meteorological Department. They’ve forecasted that the temperature in Bangkok would be the highest one as the Sun would be perpendicular to Bangkok today (27 April 2014).

Thailand’s weather is hot and humid, and we are now in Summer which April is usually the hottest month of the season. And how did I take on today’s hot weather? No, I didn’t turn on an air conditioner in my room. In order to save my energy, I just did nothing except lying on my bed, reading a book and playing a game on my iPad as the weather was way too hot to do anything. And I drank a lot of cool water.


I didn’t drink it from a glass though. My water container was a vacuum flask. Still, the above image could represent the iced cooling system that kept me survive during the hot day like this. That image was also the one I sent to present on the Monochrome Madness post co-hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky. It was the first time I joined this weekly madness even though it has already come to the 8th week.

This monochrome gathering really provides me with the opportunity to observe the world through other people’s eyes. I truly enjoy seeing their works as they are profoundly inspiring.

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