Shopping Spree

The 4th Monday of the month would be Challenger’s choices for lensandpenbysally‘s Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge. Sally is still on her trip and she will be back on the next Monday. However, I’d like to keep on posting photos for this challenge so I decided to go for ‘Object’ which I chose a figure from Line Characters called Brown bear.

Photo 4-28-2557 BE, 21 37 33

Behind the shot:
– iPhone 5s’ native camera
– Filtered in VSCOcam
– Blog credit and words written in Stickr.
– Resized in ‘Resize Image’

7 thoughts on “Shopping Spree

  1. Very cute photo! I think you brought out the anger in the bear’s face. It’s probably angry that he’s got not shopping to take home with him. What a coincidence your post is titled “Shopping Spree”. Today after work, I stopped by the new H&M store that opened in the city and bought some clothes (ok, one piece was for work). Only because they fit and rarely do things fit me. There goes my money… ;)

    • Thank you. Talking about Clothes Shopping. I haven’t gone shopping much but I likely to spend my money on my favourite shop: Uniqlo. I love their clothes. Not sure whether you’ve heard of them or not. It is Japanese brand but right now they go international like Europe and America. Not sure about Australia though.

      Speaking of H&M, we were quite excited when its store first opened in Thailand. I like their clothes as well, got my own 4-5 items.

      • Recently a Uniqlo opened in Melbourne. About time. I went in there and had a feel of their clothes. The fabric seems good and designs not too striking, which I like. It was so crowded due to the new opening. I might pop over there again later in the week and have a better look.

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