Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 12 – Mix It Up

I have immensely enjoyed participating in Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge so I am a bit sad that this fun challenge has come to the final part which is Mix it up. And as always, the co-hosted weliveinaflat and firebonnet have done their remarkable work by asking challengers to utilize one or more effects that we have explored so far from the beginning of the challenge, and then stick them together into the collage.

Before posting the 12th entry to this week’s theme, I would like to recap what my responses to this amazing challenge were.

Week 1 – Bokeh
Week 2 – HDR and Saturation
Week 3 – Watercolour apps
Week 4 – Cutouts
Week 5 – Light Leak Effects
Week 6 – Colour Filter
Week 7 – Turn your photo into a sketch
Week 8 – Mirroring
Week 9 – Double Exposures
Week 10 – A pop or splash of colour
Week 11 – Text on photo

So, I choose 5 photos that I took when I was at Disneyland Hong Kong. I then used FotoRus to apply colour filters and lighting & bokeh effect. The collage and text on photo have been done in this app as well. I adapted this picture in particular way to get a magical moment as if we were in a fairytale.


Last but not least, I’d like to say thank you to this challenge’s hosts who have come up with the fun, challenging, and inspiring themes in each week.

Thank you :)


8 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 12 – Mix It Up

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  2. The PhotoRus effects look great on the photos! I love how you’ve pulled it all together to give us a magical collection of the Disney Princesses :) I’ve never visited the Hong Kong Disneyland before but you’ve made it look fun ^___^ I’m glad you had fun with the challenge and thanks for joining!!

  3. What a great finale! You’ve used the effects to create such a magical compilation. So fun. It’s been such a treat to do this challenge with you. Woohoo!

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