Steve’s Music Mix – On | In | Over

Let’s shuffle and reply to Steve‘s three questions with four rules below:

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

I’m on…?
Kids These Days – KONGOS
I was on the phone while I was driving back home. Don’t worry, I used bluetooth handsfree so it wasn’t dangerous talking while driving a car. Anyway, my friend and I just had the discussion about kids these days. I’m single whereas my friend has got married for more than 5 years. She doesn’t have kids and no plan to do so. Still, we had the conversation how kids these days are different from us when we were younger.

I’m in…?
Shame on me – Avicii
Shame on me that I’m in like (not love) with this new guy in my office but I never say a word with him. I just steal a glance at him when I walk his way. Or I only smile to him when I accidentally meet him in pantry or on the corridor. This is my shortcoming that I will feel shy whenever I’m near a special one. (Maybe this is a reason why I’m still single)
(This is the second time I get this song for this music mix challenge. I wanted to cheat but I didn’t want to do that.)

I’m over…?
Strange Birds – Birdy

I’m trying to over my feeling for that guy from the 2nd question because I don’t want my heart skips a beat whenever I see his face. I don’t want my mind to act like a strange bird that will flutter wings when he is near me.


5 thoughts on “Steve’s Music Mix – On | In | Over

  1. Maybe chat with the guy? The more you talk to him, maybe you will feel normal. Also, you will get to know him as a person, which can be very interesting. Since you have seen him a few times in the pantry, the both of you can talk about food. I am a shy person too…so I know how it feels. Seeing some guy I like, I usually feel hot in the face and wonder if I look like a tomato, and no voice comes out of my mouth. Yeah, I’m very popular with guys ;)

    • Thanks for suggestion. I will try to do that but usually when I try to communicate with someone I like, I will have no idea to say or worse I will say something blatantly to him and it will look like I don’t wanna talk to him. Anyway, I will try to calm down and talk to him normally :)

      • That sounds sooo much like me, haha. I think saying something that stupid is more fun than saying nothing. The other person might not think it’s stupid, for all you know. Maybe focus on his hair or shirt when talking to him, like talk to the shirt and you’ll feel less nervous :D

        On the subject of music, I’m a fan of Birdy. First heard of her when I heard her cover Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”.

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