25 Days | 25 Songs – Day 01: A song from childhood

My regular posts on Saturdays during the past 12 weeks were responses to the Snappy Happy Photo Challenge which it finally came to an end last week. While I was pondering what kind of post I could write for the next Saturdays, I came across this interesting topic on fishofgold which she has got it from Twindaddy.  It is about songs which are certainly my things so I know I have to jump into this 25 Songs, 25 Days.


The first day is about a song when I was a child. At that time, I usually listened to songs that my parents fancied. However, there was a song that made me ask my dad to buy an cassette tape for me. It was a very popular song when it was first launched as well as its album and the artist. His name is Bird Thongchai whom we can call Thailand’s superstar. He is still famous until today. He has already had 16 albums (not including other special albums) during the past  28 years.

I’d like to talk about the song in his first album which was released in 1986. Its name was Sabai Sabai which could be indirectly translated to English as Chill Chill. The lyrics described something like “If we like each other, just say yes. No need to worry. Just give love to each other. But I’m ok if you want to break up. Chill Chill” Actually, the lyrics weren’t the main point that I like listening to this song. But I guess that my fondness came from his voice and song rhythm which made me feel happy. No need to worry anything “Sabai Sabai”.