The Classic

My aunt is good at taking photos as she has practised since she was in her 20s. She would ask my brother and me to be her models for practising. As a result, we have hundred photos of us when we were kids. A few of them have been framed and attached inside our home. She would capture us in colour as well as black and white. However, I always lamented over monochrome photograph whenever she used black and white films. Being a kid, I certainly prefer myself in colourful images to the grey-out ones. She would tell me that the black and white photos were timeless and classic, and I would come to understand its advantage when I grew up.

And yes, I eventually see what she meant.

Chonburi | Thailand | 2014

Chonburi | Thailand | 2014

I photographed my grandma at her home during our visit last month (March-2014). I started to fall in love with black and white photography for a while, and I’d like to explore for more. One of my observation over monochrome photograph is that it really suits portraits of senior people. The lines on their skin show the beauty of ageing that no one can avoid. I chose this picture as an entry to Monochrome Madness Week 10 hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky.

This was my third week in a row for my participation. I might not be able to join this wonderful madness next week as I’m so busy with my work right now. As I needed to work overtime this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday). I also want to apologise to any of fellow bloggers if I haven’t checked your updated posts as frequent as as I’d like to. Hopefully, my work will be lessened in the upcoming weeks.

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