Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

On the move

Thailand | 2010

Thailand | 2010


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

  1. This is such a great photo of your city. It looks so vivid, happening and alive – seems that it has quite a night life like in Malaysia and Singapore. I think the only thing that’s missing from the photo is food, but I’m sure there’s a lot of food cooked outside in restaurants and stalls in Thailand late at night.

    I was wondering how did you make the boat blurred in the photo? I’ve always wanted to do something like that in my photos :)

    • Yes, you are right about the food. I took this photo in Amphawa where it was famous for Floating market and fireflies watching. There were a lot of food vendors for everyone as well as t-shirts or souvenir shops.

      To answer your question about blurring technique, I’m not professional neither and I tried a lot of shots for that kind of photo. Normally, you should use Shutter speed mode and set speed as low number you can. When taking photos, you should point your camera to something/object/somewhere that doesn’t move and wait for the moving object to pass the frame. You might need to have time to capture this kind of photo because shutter speed will be up to the lighting of surrounding. Hope this might help you :)

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