I have been working everyday since 5th May 2014. No real weekends for me as I just worked from home on both Saturday and Sunday. Even though I could work along with play a game or read something on my iPad, but I couldn’t truly relax.  I started to be curious that how people can continually work many days without taking a rest. I guess some people can do that but I may not be one of them. However, I have to endure this situation as I’m on a tight schedule of my work and working on the weekends will happen again and again until the end of this year. Moreover, I probably will have to cancel my trip to Singapore next month since taking a few days off can’t be my option.  I just hope that I won’t have to do that.



Anyway I’d like to apologize to my fellow bloggers that I might not be able to read all your updated blogs as many as I love to. Still, I won’t stop update my blog because I’ve promised myself to write one post everyday.


4 thoughts on “Overload

  1. Sometimes we all need to keep working through think and thin – and it seems overwhelming. But then one day – suddenly – we have gotten through it, and it feels good. Just take one day at a time – and don’t worry about whether or not you have a chance to read your blogger-friends’ blogs. I wish you good luck with the work!

  2. Hang in there, Cotton. Work has its ups and downs. It can be challenging but at the end of the day, we learn something from working. Hats off to you for still posting a post a day, I wish I could do that. Funny how everyone around me is talking about work lately, my next blog post just so happens to be about work too. Good luck with work :D (big smiley face for you)

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