Occupy your mind

On the 22nd May 2014, there was a coup d’etat in my small country. They have issued many announcement so far which mainly focus on forbidding everyone says their opinion against this coup. They prevent some journalists to report news. It is the 13th Coup in Thailand which I never ever feel good with this kind of act. However, how can I do anything to this situation as I am only a civilian in this tiny country where the world doesn’t have to care for us. Moreover, there are a number of people especially elites and middle-class bangkokians who agree with this act. I never understand their logics. How can people say no to the real democracy and say yes to the military act?!?  They can firmly hold to the notion of military against corruption of the elected government. Still, we can speak our mind to the elected government if they have done something fishy which we have proved to that before. BUT we can’t be sure whether we can speak anything to the people who rule us now with weapons and power.

‘Cause it’s the funniest feeling 
So let’s slip inside 
Out of this world 
Out of this life 
‘Cause this place called home 
Is no longer mine 
So now I need to occupy your mind 

I just want to occupy your mind 
(‘Cause it’s the funniest feeling) 
I just want to occupy your mind 
(So let’s slip inside) 
I just want to occupy your mind 
(Oh, it’s the funniest feeling) 
I just want to occupy your mind 
(To leave it all behind) 

Well there’s a crack in the ceiling 
And there’s a hole in the sky 
And there’s a government warning 
They don’t like our kind 
But now it’s three in the morning 
And I’m feeling just fine 
And I just want to occupy your mind

– Occupy your mind by Villagers –

On the 2nd day of the 13th Coup d’etat in Thailand.

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