25 DAYS | 25 SONGS – DAY 03: My Parents


My parents always teach me to believe in human rights, equality, and democracy especially my father. So when the military has seized the power from the election government in Thailand since 22 May 2014, it reminds me of the time when I was in high school. In May 1992, there was a bloody military crackdown in Bangkok. My father first wanted to go out to join the protest. However, my mom didn’t allow him to go. They had a huge argument, and my dad needed to follow my mom’s request.

Our family always believe that the rights to vote should go to all Thai citizens. It is against our common sense to support the coup d’etat now in Thailand. I’m glad that my parents have taught me to believe in something like that even though this notion makes me dissimilar from my peers who are middle-classed Thai citizen since some of them support this coup. My parents’ teaching have shaped me to be a person whose belief isn’t swayed by peer pressure in this situation.

Found this challenge on fishofgold.

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