5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

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  2. Ah! Great photo for this week’s challenge! This photo took me a trip down memory lane. I always rode bumper cars in theme parks in Malaysia. It was so fun bumping into other cars and jerking forwards :)

    I was looking at cameras lately as I want to buy a new camera. Your FujiFilm X-E1 seems very popular here in Australia. How are you finding it? Haven’t heard you talk too much about it here.

    • Actually, I don’t like bumper cars. That’s why I could take photos of while my friends were playing but they weren’t in the picture.

      Speaking of X-E1 (FYI: I didn’t use it for above pic), I never thought of it too. I went to a camera shop to buy X100s but the shop seller tried to sell me X-E1 which was cheaper than X100s almost 15000 baht (around 450 USD). So I was tempted to buy X-E1. Finally, I decided to buy it. I think it has a good kit lens providing sharp image but the lens is quite long so it’s quite clumsy to use if I’m travelling.

      • Oh, don’t like bumper cars. That’s okay, driving isn’t for everyone!

        Thanks for that. I am considering the X-E1 as its within my budget. Yeah, I find that it’s lens its a bit clunky, maybe it’s because of its length as you pointed out. Not many other cameras within my budget offers what X-E1 has, so its a tough choice ;)

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