Just a little crush

I never thought I would have this kind of feeling again.

But my heart skipped a beat when I first met you.

Your smiles made me smile.

I wanted to see your face everyday.

I thought of you most of the nights recently.

My weekends seemed to pass too slow.

As I really wanted to go to work, just to see your face again.

I knew we can’t be anything more than co-workers.

You’ve never realised what I though about you.

Because it’s just a little crush.

I didn’t have to tell you.

And I never will.


photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

I guess you’ve already had the right one.

Even though you don’t have her, I know you would never think of me in that particular way.

The ages difference.

I’m not a sweet woman.

I don’t have perfect skin.

I don’t own a nice figure.

I have a foul mouth.

I speak what I think which might scare you sometimes.


I just want to stop my thoughts.

That always keep going back to your face.

But how can I do since I will meet you again tomorrow?

And I’m looking forward to seeing your face even if in a short moment.

You, just a little crush.


4 thoughts on “Just a little crush

  1. Like Connie said, this is beautifully written, Cotton. I absolutely love it, so much longing, excitement and frustration coming through your words. This must be very hard for you, to see someone almost everyday at work that makes you feel fuzzy inside…and to know that this is as far as it will go…perhaps. At least you have something to look forward to everyday. I feel your pain, because I am sort of in this same situation too.

    By the way, I love Jennifer Paige’s Crush. Thanks for bringing back this song for me. Been a while since I heard it :D

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