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Shibuya Station | Tokyo | Japan | 2010

Shibuya Station | Tokyo | Japan | 2010

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After an especially long and exhausting drive or flight, a grueling week at work, or a mind-numbing exam period — what’s the one thing you do to feel human again?

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Taking a long sleep on my own bed.



And you fill my head with you

How many times per day can you think of a certain someone?

Me, countless times.

Before going to sleep.

After waking up.

During having breakfast.

Going out to meet a friend.

Watching a film.

Sitting on a bus.

Walking to my home.

Working out.

Writing a blog.

Going to sleep.


It’s hard being like this.

Knowing that he doesn’t feel the same as me.

It’s even harder.

Hopefully, my symptom will be healed soon.

In the morning when I wake
And the sun is coming through,
Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness,
And you fill my head with you.

Shall I write it in a letter?
Shall I try to get it down?
Oh, you fill my head with pieces
Of a song I can’t get out.

Can I be close to you?