How to tell someone you like them

In our culture, Thai women aren’t the one who will start flirtation with someone they like. Society tends to look at women who have done something like that as desperate women. Moreover, Thai men seems to not like women who start to flirt on them first. In my opinion, this tradition isn’t fair. Because it leaves women like us be just options for men to choose. Why can’t we be the one who choose men?

I’m currently feeling special towards someone at my workplace. However, it’s really hard for me to initiate conversation with him outside office even though I have him in my social media. I’d like to speak to him so I can know more about him. Perhaps we would’t get along well. Or he might not have personality as I’ve thought. Nevertheless, I will never know if I don’t have a chance to talk to him.

It’s quite difficult for me to be the one who says hello to him first. I’ve tried twice and we had good talks as I believed. But I don’t know how long I will keep doing these if I have to be the first one that says hi to him every time. Still, I’m afraid I will miss something if I don’t do that. My best friends suggested me that I shouldn’t think too much. Just do as my heart wants but not too creepy. Anyway, what are the appropriate ways to do it?

Coincidentally, I came across this article on hellogiggles: Non-Creepy Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them, and it was fun to read and quite useful.

I have no idea I will still try to find topics to talk to him more and more if his reaction is still nothing special except an usual friendship between co-workers. Anyway, I just sent message to him via Facebook during this blog writing, and he hasn’t replied to my chat yet. I believe that we need to expect less when we are going to do something like this because if we expect less, we will not take so much pain when we face the heart-broken moment.



3 thoughts on “How to tell someone you like them

  1. I think you should listen to your best friend and you’re right. Even if you’re the one always initiating the conversation, at least the both of you are talking and it could always lead to somewhere. I guess make eye-contact every time you see him and if he doesn’t look like he’s in too much of a hurry, ask him something like, “What’s up, how you doing?” etc. As the saying goes, “You miss all the shots you don’t take.”

    I’m in a similar situation like you. Only difference is, the person I fancy doesn’t really know me and we’re not connected on Facebook. Oh well. Good luck :)

    • I don’t know how can I keep doing that; initiating conversation with him on Facebook. I know I can talk to him when we meet at office because it will not be too personal as we are surrounding with others. However, I’m kind of exhausted trying to find greeting sentences for him via Facebook because I have been trying to act like I just said hello to him only for something he’s interested in such as travel of films. So those things will be used up soon.

      I might consider my feeling and mood for the next time. Maybe I wouldn’t do that anymore. I don’t know either because this kind of actions is actually not my personality. My friend once told me that if we are meant to be, we will be. If not, nothing will happen. So perhaps I let it be.

      Still, thank you for your comment.

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