Begin Again

I begin to see movies in theatre again after 3 years of watching films on DVD. Before that time, I used to be a movie lover who would go to see movies in the first week of showing, read and talk about them. I don’t know what exactly the reason I stopped going to the theatre. Perhaps, it came from ticket prices in my city that kept getting higher.

However, I decided to go to the cinema last week for The Wind Rises; a film by Hayao Miyazaki because I love animations from his studio, Ghibli Studio. And this is claimed to be his last film as the director.

I might not like the movie as much as I love Spirited Away. But the film still provided me with some lingering thoughts after the ending.

I also just watches another film today in the theatre which was Begin Again. I might have expected too much for its soundtrack because the director is the same one from Once which I immensely love the OST. Still, I think it was an entertaining and good movie. Moreover, Keira Knightkey definitely can sing.


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