And you fill my head with you

How many times per day can you think of a certain someone?

Me, countless times.

Before going to sleep.

After waking up.

During having breakfast.

Going out to meet a friend.

Watching a film.

Sitting on a bus.

Walking to my home.

Working out.

Writing a blog.

Going to sleep.


It’s hard being like this.

Knowing that he doesn’t feel the same as me.

It’s even harder.

Hopefully, my symptom will be healed soon.

In the morning when I wake
And the sun is coming through,
Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness,
And you fill my head with you.

Shall I write it in a letter?
Shall I try to get it down?
Oh, you fill my head with pieces
Of a song I can’t get out.

Can I be close to you?

5 thoughts on “And you fill my head with you

  1. That must be tough, having someone stuck in your head all the time. Like, you’ll see his face and hear his voice wherever you go and during what you do. Sometimes I’m like that too. It’s hard, we can only hope the craziness in our head and feelings settle down soon.

    I actually like the band Paper Kites a lot, so thank you for sharing this music video. It’s a soothing song – and most of the band’s songs – that I can listen and relax too. The other day I went to the Kina Grannis concert. It was great, acoustic songs with a band. Also met her for a few seconds

    • Yes. It is tough to think of someone all the time. However, I think I’m getting better soon. Started the process to extract myself from this craziness.

      Speaking of Paper Kites, I had never listened to their songs before this song that I’ve posted. I found this song because I was looking for some songs about thinking of someone.

      Wow for your instagram with your favourite singer. :)

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