Open my eyes

My friends told me that I shouldn’t have talked to this guy whom I have had special feeling for via Facebook massager only. They said that I should have had conversation with him face to face as well. They explained to me that a person behind the screen might not be his total personality. That was why I tried to stop chatting with him in that way.


On the past Friday’s night, I got a chance to join his ride to co-workers’ party. We sat alone in his car, and faced heavy traffic jams so we’ve spent 2 hours talking. I found his flaws which they didn’t make me lessen or encourage my crush on him. It was the fact that my eyes has opened and looked at him as a normal human being, not a perfect guy behind the keyboard. It was a refreshing feeling and made me realize that I had created a picture perfect instead of seeing him as a normal guy who can possess good and bad sides.