2 Years Already

Believe it or not, I have written this blog for 2 years already. WordPress just reminded me of the Anniversary of this 2nd year. From the beginning, I’ve kept writing on this blog everyday as I promised to myself. Of course, there were a few days that I used the scheduling function to keep the post up when I was away and unable to find the internet. Still, I’m quite proud of myself that I could do as I intended to.


For the next year, I still want to post everyday but I’m not sure I will be able to do that or not. Anyway, I will give it a try, and keep posting everyday for another year. Yes, I knew I can do it!

6 thoughts on “2 Years Already

  1. Happy blog anniversary, Cotton! Such a great achievement – posting something everyday. Shows that you are a very creative person and never run out of ideas :) I love your photos, they inspire me to be a better photographer. Also really like it when we chat here on the blogs – you’re very fun to talk to, and one day I hope to meet you in person :) Good luck for your next blogging year <3

    • Thank you. I also love reading your opinions on your post as well as mine. Yes, i hope that we can meet in person one day ;)

      In the meantime, I wish we can share our idea via blogosphere for another year and so on.

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