That awkward moment

That awkward moment when you accidentally found a free book which you didn’t expect much from reading it, but it turned out to be an entertaining read.


How could you deal with the bully from your parents and your friends when you were just a child or teenager? How could you survive when you were just an awkward girl in the world only looking for perfection. Peregrine Storke used her imagination and artistic talents to be her way out. She created the entire new world via her drawing where it was alright to be awkward. It was ok not to be perfect.

However, she decided to leave her sketch book at home when she turned to be 17 and she believe that she wasn’t socially awkward anymore, was she? Something happened when she was moving to New York. Something that gave her an idea that it was fine to be awkward but it was also ok trying to be better.

I think this book was great and it should be read by anyone especially teenagers who are growing to the real world where no fantasy can help them except the confidence in themselves. They should believe that it’s ok to be different, it’s fine to be not perfect, and it’s alright to be awkward.

“It is how we perceive ourselves that matters. True courage isn’t about being brave. True beauty isn’t about being beautiful. True courage is about being real. True beauty is about being happy.”
― R.K. Ryals, The Story of Awkward

Shuffle Me: Handshake

Two door cinema club has already released the 2nd album when I first knew them. I haven’t got a chance to listen to their first album. However, I was really into their 2nd album “Beacon”. Besides its intriguing cover, their sound was enjoyable and some songs made me wanna move my body and head like this song ‘Handshake’.