The Silent NEWS

Something not right happened here in my country where people against Thai Military Junta could be abducted from their normal life according to this news Student Activist Leader ‘Abducted’ from University. I don’t say that I agree with their activity. But it’s not right to be abducted like that neither. This is not normal. This isn’t the thing you should accept without saying anything. Thus, not my peers have said anything or even for me.


Quote by Liu Xiaobo

I cannot express my worrisome over this military act via my social network or around me since I’m not sure about the reaction. And this happens to me for a long time since my country has been ruled by Thai Junta. I’m living in fears. I know in my heart that it’s not safety to say or act against them. You can say that Freedom of speech hasn’t been heard here quite a while. I believe that some people think they can say whatever they want but no! they just can act or say things the government approved them to speak. They may have protested for something they care except this injustice or low human rights here.

And I don’t know what is the way out from this situation. My passionate for justice and democracy is dying down. The best method for me to breath and act normally is to pretend that I don’t care. Just living as everything here is fine. Happiness is around the country. Ignorance is a bliss. Screaming as silent as you can.

Their problem

I’ve losen weight about 9 kilograms or 20 pounds since August 2015. I think before eating such as calories calculating. Exercise in both Cardio and weight training are included in my method to reduce weight. I feel healtier. 

Actually, I wasn’t overweight in the past. But 9 kg has given me the new image. The drastic change happens to my face and body. Unfortunately, not my big calves. They are very hard to minimize because theie shapes came from my genetics and I hardly do anything about it.

However, someone talked to my face about it and made me feel less confident wearing short skirts. At first, I felt sorry but then I felt like why did I have to be sad. I am luckier than those who can’t walk by themselves. I shouldn’t be down because of some bad attitudes. And then I recalled seeing this quote from fashion icon, Iris Apfel.

I was never hurt by what anybody said about my clothes, because I dress to please myself. If somebody doesn’t like what I’m wearing, it’s their problem, not mine

Yep, if you don’t like some of my body parts, it’s your problem – not mine.