We are not allowed to stand still here

You might not know Nelson S. Howe but some people here in Thailand know him from the book by Benz Thanachart; author of a book called ‘New York 1st time’.  We called Mr.Nelson as ‘Uncle Nelson’. He has a unique character and sometimes he can express our thought better than Thai citizens. Some of us cannot speak our mind since Thai Junta has ruled our country for almost 3 years now. How ridiculous is that when you’ve come to think about this circumstance.

Uncle Nelson recently posted this picture and captioned it with

I have to practice this before going to Thailand because they don’t allow people to stand in public there


Photo Credit

Yes, he has spoken for some of us who can’t even say a word. His post just reacted to the news regarding protesting against abducting 8 Thai citizens by a group of militants (and now they are called “Facebook 8“)

Resistant Citizen, one of the few organizations that has campaigned against the military regime, announced the protest on Facebook Wednesday afternoon, urging the public to gather en masse at 6pm at the Victory Monument.

“We will stand there [silently] because we do not agree with the military arresting the eight citizens,” the statement said, based on an earlier count of those detained.

Cut from NEWS

The protest has ended because protesters have been captured by police. It was absurd because protesters were just standing there but they were still caught. Fortunately,  they have been released later.

I’ve updated this blog because it’s too much to handle now.

I want to write down below message on my Facebook but I cannot do it. I don’t know I will be ok or not even I post it here. But I need to.

this is not normal; this is called injustice; and it’s too much to ignore; and some Thai people are blind with their bias if they can’t even see it; this is abnormal; i don’t know how can i tolerate in this situation; act normally despite the fact that this is absolutely shit; shit happens and i am the one who is living in it; unable to shout; to speak; or even whisper; in order to survive; that’s how they threaten us with fear; they seem to be successful; aren’t they?

5 thoughts on “We are not allowed to stand still here

  1. I am sorry to hear that you are in a place where you can’t speak your mind and don’t have a voice. It must be very hard, having to lay low and watch your every move and words that come out of your mouth. Stay strong, and hopefully one day the world will be a more equal place.

    • Thank you. I can truly speak my mind on this blog post even though not all but it’s better than when being with others here on my motherland.

    • Yes. I have to endure in this situation. Sometimes, need to look elsewhere so I’m not that stressed. But sometimes, injustice is too much to handle and need to express my inner thoughts somewhere which of course, I can’t say words to manys around me here. Don’t know the way out, though.

      • I know, my words and sympathy fall terribly short. Wish we all knew what to do re: the situation. Just keep reminding the world that this is happening…

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