For my friend in need

I knew that I have been missing from this blog for a long time. However, I come back here again in order to help my friend in need for support from around the world.

My friend’s name is Keng  which means “Skilled” or “Talented” in Thai. He is one of the most cheerful, optimistic, strong person I’ve ever met. He had diagnosed with cancer once and he fought and he won at that time. Unfortunately, that cancer has came back again.

According to some of his words below:

What do you do when the doctor tells you that you have the final stage cancer with no cure…?

Hello everyone — parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, and friends.. My name is Keng, 31 years old. I’m currently having a cancer called “Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma” (ACC) a type of salivary gland cancer that very little people will have. It’s also the type of cancer that does not respond to common treatments like Chemotherapy and has been spreading down to both lungs. So they can’t be removed by surgery or radiation. There is very little or almost none of the related research and development on this type of cancer. So there was no good treatments that can cure this cancer. Nonetheless I’ve tried 12 treatments for chemotherapy but none of that has stopped it. With the side effects from those chemicals I can only keep following up on my conditions monthly. The doctor told me last year that I could die as soon as within one year, which was so hard to accept. With all my spirit to fight, after the chemotherapy I turned to other types of treatments like Naturopathy, Psychotherapy, Arts, and exercises that fit the current disease. Even though the disease is still there but it hasn’t spread out too much and the tumors are growing quite slowly. The doctor asked me if I can still breath fine every time. And I’m still alive today.


He has been fighting with that cancer since then. He is still working in order to earn money for treatment. Keng has also tried Genetheraphy and unfortunately the cancer did not stop. Anyway, he has been given the opportunity to join the Immunotherapy program this time. The treatment will need a certain amount to get the 1st one. The doctor will re-evaluate the effect of this therapy later so we will know how many more treatments he will need.

Therefore, our friend has set up the funding in order to gather money for Keng.

Anyone who has read this post and would like to know more about Keng and this funding, please visit this page Help Keng fight Cancer!

Help Keng fight Cancer! _ Medical Bills Fundraising with GoGetFunding_2017-06-17_21-49-00

And this is Keng, my friend.

Help Keng fight Cancer! _ Medical Bills Fundraising with GoGetFunding_2017-06-17_21-49-16

Thank  You.

One thought on “For my friend in need

  1. Hope your friend makes it. He’s young and looks great and he might want to explore some alternative therapies. I know people look down on natural or holistic medicine, but since he’s tried the traditional route, what does he have to lose? All the best. L.

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