I’ve used this technic and app called PicsArt to create a picture like the above. (If you’d like to create this kind of photo, you can follow the steps)



Just found this cover version and couldn’t stop thinking about its tunes. For me, So sad and haunting.

I said maybe,
You’re gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You’re my wonderwall

But I guess that you won’t be my wonderwall and will leave me with the broken heart …

Another Site of Me

I know that I have been disappearing again from this blog. Ironically, to suit the blog name? Anyway, I dare to start a new blog which my idea is to write in Thai (my native language) as well as in English.

My new blog is https://wideworldtinyme.wordpress.com/

I don’t think I can guarantee my regular post in either that blog or this blog. But I will try.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder … or not? I doubt.

The Sky is There

I had been disappearing from this blog for a while. I can use phrase like ‘No time’ as an excuse. However, I don’t think it would give anything differently. I just can’t keep my promise to post everyday. Anyway, I’m back again and hopefully, I will not stop posting. I might not post everyday as I want to. Still, I will try to not walk away from this blog so long.

So I’m back to blog business with Phonegraohy challenge from Sally. This Monday’s theme was Nature. I like looking up at the sky and capture that moment. This one was from one of evening in my city ‘Bangkok’.