How to blend photos using mobile app

Would you like to do something like this? Blended a song into a photo.



It started with:

1. Open the music application on your phone, capture and crop it.


2. Open mobile app called “PicsArt” and edit your photo.



3. Choose “Add Photo” and add the captured music. Changed the drop down list from Normal to Multiply.



4. Click FX on the top left-hand side and choose HDR2.


5. Save to your gallery.

(Followed the steps from this Thai website)

The Ultimate Secret Tour of Iceland

The short film captures the journey of Jennifer Asmundson, a chef from Seattle, who was crowned the ‘World’s Most Intrepid Tourist’ earlier this year in an online global search. Jennifer, who herself is from Icelandic descent, was invited to experience a unique ‘secret’ winter tour of Iceland following a special itinerary that was crowd-sourced by local Icelanders, visitors and fans of the country. This is her story.

Inspired By Iceland

Chasing Light

I shot this as a personal project as, since getting an Epic I hadn’t actually shot anything for myself on it… everything’s shot using the Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 16-35mm 2.8 L II and Sigma 10-20mm f3.5. Almost every shot is done using the DJI Ronin.

– Claudiu Voicu


Eva wakes up and like every morning takes a dog White for a walk in the park. When she is passes the bench by the alley, she decides to take a rest.Her dog finds out a magazine laying down on a bench so she decides to check it out. When she opens it on first random page, she discovers her own picture… taken in Prague. The moment she turns the page, something amazing happen…
Photography and edit | Piotr Wancerz

PRACTICE! (2014)

PRACTICE! (2014)
A short film about practice.
Shot on 35mm film in Brooklyn NY.

Starring – Jeremiah

Director – F F
Cinematographer – Kelly Jeffrey
Executive Producer – Evan Prosofsky
Producer – Daiva Zalnieriunas
Assistant Camera – Ezra Ewen
Production Assistant – Kyle Sanderson