Zero 7

I once loved to listen songs by this band ‘Zero 7‘ whose genre has been described as downtempo or ambient music. They have released 4 albums so far which I owned three of them. I really loved the first two albums which were ‘Simple Things’ and ‘When It Falls’. I loved that their music could take me to fly to the sky, swim in the ocean, or float away in the universe. Their lyrics also made me ponder about.

Who am I
To make a judgement of
Your life
I’m only
Passing by
Passing by

Passing By (When It Falls – 2004) –

The song that made me fall for them was ‘Destiny’ which its music video was so beautiful as well as the song.

When I’m weak, I draw strength from you
And when you’re lost, I know how to change your mood
And when I’m down, you breathe life over me
Even though we’re miles apart, we are each other’s destiny

I’ll fly, I’ll fly home
I’ll fly home and I’ll fly home

– Destiny (Simple Things – 2001) –

Even though I said that I liked the first two albums, but the third album was alright for my own taste as they seemed to use more acoustic sounds than the former two albums.

Cleaning up the things she left behind
Are you on to find some peace of mind
Are you aware of the mess you left behind

Scared to think away the cheer
Looking back in a mirror
It all becomes clear
The views are not the same
I see sun, you see rain

Cleaning up the mess you left behind

– Left Behind (The Garden – 2006)

After those three albums, I haven’t followed them until now that I found their official Facebook and I hoped that they will release their new album soon.

I’m looking forward to listening to their new songs.

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You’re not alone

This song is one of my all-time favourite songs since I firstly heard it. I don’t know why it could capture me and I don’t get bored listen to it repeatedly even though the song itself didn’t create new genre or style. I think it might have been its simplicity and the meaningful lyrics. In addition, it’s easy for me to sing along.

Come on everybody
Ignores you now
But soon your time will come
Yeah, they’ll know who you are

No, you’re not alone
‘Cause everyone who’s out there’s on there own
But you were always the same
Tryin’ to be like no ones ever been

You try so hard, you get it wrong
You can’t deny, the feeling’s gone
It’s time you took a look at what you need

So, keep holding on
And time will come, you’ll jump right up
And find you’re back on top of the world
Sure in time you’ll be heard, you said

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X Japan

There was a period of my youth life that was in love with songs by Japanese music band called ‘X-Japan’.

X Japan (エックス・ジャパン Ekkusu Japan?) is a Japanese heavy metal band from Chiba, formed in 1982 by Yoshiki and Toshi. Originally named X (エックス Ekkusu?), the group achieved their breakthrough success in 1989 with the release of their second album Blue Blood. They started out mainly as a power/speed metal band, but later gravitated towards a progressive sound with an emphasis on ballads – Source

No, I didn’t understand Japanese language. However, that wasn’t the problem with their songs because their music was uniquely beautiful. In addition, I could touch the feeling of their songs because of the lead singer’s voice. I specifically loved their ballad songs as I think they are classic.

They are unbelievably suitable for Orchestral band.

And they are timeless.

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I love watching movie trailers, just for the sake of it. Sometimes, I might watch only trailers but never proceed to see the movies. I don’t know whether it is a good or bad habit. But this is my favourable activity that I’d like to do during my free time apart of other favourite things.

I’ve watched many trailers so far and I might have posted some of them that I liked on this blog. Anyway, there are trailers of old films that I still think of them as my most favourite ones. The 1st one that came to my mind was ‘The Social Network’, a film based on Facebook founder’s life (true or untrue, just leave as that). I think this trailer was powerful within two and a half minutes especially lyrics of its soundtrack ‘Creep’, an original version by Radiohead but magnificently covered by Scala & Kolacny Brothers (Belgian Women’s Choir). It really made me want to watch this film which I did and I loved it.

For the next trailer, my tears just fell down while watching it. I never see the full movie. It seems to be good but sad too. So I don’t know I want to see it or not.

Another trailer that I think of was for Once. I think this movie has very beautiful soundtrack and the trailer was good in using the songs to penetrate the hearts of audiences.

I think there will be more trailers that I will see in the future and of course I might fall in love some of them like the above three that I’ve written in this post. {This post is an entry for TTT-Challenge by Frizztext}

Sigur Rós | Sæglópur

Another band that I really enjoy their music is Sigur Ros, the post-rock band from Iceland. My most favourite album of this band is Takk… which one of its song always has an impact on my life. That song is Sæglópur which I still remembered my feeling at the first time I heard it. I felt like one hole of my life has been filled in. And my mind will be able to be consoled with this song when I am depressed even though I don’t understand the lyrics. Its music could sooth my sole.

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Radiohead is one of my favourite bands which I believe some of you might have already known that. I firstly thought their 1st and 2nd album were alright, but I couldn’t comprehend with their 4th and 5th albums which were ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’. I didn’t count myself to be a fan of this band. Nevertheless, there was a time that changed my status forever.

It was a date of 14th April 2004. I got a chance to see Radiohead’s concert in Japan with my younger brother who has already been an avid fan of the band. The concert was held at Intex Osaka and it started at 7:00 PM.


Radiohead started the concert with a song from their latest album (at that time) which were There There following with 2+2=5 , lucky, myxomatosis, where i end and you begin, backdrifts (Thom began to sing this song for a while and then he said that he didn’t know what were they f–king up doing now. So they stopped playing and started the next song). Fake Plastic Trees was the next song which was my favourite song. It did gave me goose bump listening its live like that.

They continued playing paranoid android, sail to the moontalk show host (Soundtrack of Baz Lurrman’s Romeo+Juliet), airbag, karma police (A lot of audiences sang along with this hit song), sit down. stand up, and scatterbrain. There were sound from Japanese radio show before national anthem was played. Then it was followed by exit music which individually showed each person in the band on the stage by lighting. Then they seemed to close the show with idioteque.

But I didn’t think that song would be the last song as I believed it should have had more songs than these and it seemed that everyone inside the hall thought the same way as mine. So the hand-clap sound started and the band appeared again with the gloaming, no surpriseda wolf at the door, street spirit and then they tended to finish the concert. However, no one wanted to go home so another Encore round has been initialised. They performed the last two songs which were i might be wrong and everything in its right place (Yes!!!).

My attempt to take a photo of stage.

My attempt to take a photo of stage.

All the time that I was standing there, listening to their music. I was drawn into their world totally. I thought they were so awesome and I just loved every minute I spent seeing their brilliant performance. And my life was changed forever as I’ve turned myself to be Radiohead’s band. Their albums must be in my iPod/iPhone all the time. I also created a Thai website which the first goal was to tell the story of this band in Thai language.

The name of this blog is also derived from ‘How to disappear completely‘, a song by Radiohead as well as the tag line (How can you be sure?). Even though I might not like their new stuff more than the first 5 albums. However, they are always my favourite band.

Remarks#1: I used to write about that concert in my Thai blog, that’s why I could re-write my experience in this post.

Remarks#2: The set list is based on information form ateasweb.

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I love words.
I love reading quotes.
I love remembering some words from films and songs.
So these are my favourite quotes accompanied with my photos.
(Remarks: I’ve mentioned them before in this blog, but not with these photos.)





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