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I’ve promised myself to publish a single post everyday when I started this blog, and that was the time I didn’t know what WordPress community could provide me with. As I published post by post, I began to learn what I could get from this community especially the challenges which have stimulated the idea for my posts. I believe that there was one challenge that made me nervous before publishing. That challenge was Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique as I chose to post my own photo. I realized that I’ve already shown my face on homepage however that photo was showing the right-side of me. But, the photo in the mentioned post was face in front.

Besides that post, I think there were two more posts which raised my uneasiness before posting. Yet, they helped release me from restless mind because they talked about my personal past experiences which I wasn’t proud of but I think I needed to face it before moving on.  The first post was a letter to a stranger who was one part of reasons I initiated this blog. The latter was the post I wrote about an ex. I still felt a pang in my heart while I was writing that post. Not because I missed him, but I felt a bit ashamed of myself for letting my personality to be altered that much for the sake of having someone in my life.

I believe that this blog has assisted me to grow up even though I have been an adult for quite a while. This blog community also let me learn from others. And I’m grateful for that.

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There was words that I might have heard from somewhere which said something like ‘Older is wiser’, and I hope I qualify for that comment. I think this year has quickly passed. Unbelievably, October has arrived already. I’m getting older. In a few years I will reach 40. I think I will be ok because I was perfectly fine on the day my age passed 30.

photo credit: Βethan via photopin cc

Anyway, I’ve recently found this thought that I didn’t live life in my full potential during my 20s. I feel like my life experience from 20 to 30 was almost blank.I don’t know how to explain it but I just knew it. If someone asks me whether I regret what I haven’t done in my younger self. My answer would be ‘Yes in some aspect.’

However, nothing can change because time has already gone which my life moves to thirty somethings. There are things that I want to explore but I still do nothing about them. So in that case, whom I should blame it on? Yes, only me. So even I’m getting older and I hope that I will be wiser, I seem to let life pass me by. I just sit here and whine what I haven’t done to fulfil my wish in my 20s. But I still have my life. (even though I might go outside and be in a tragic accident later – life is full of unexpected events.) Ages doesn’t limit what I can or can’t do. Only fear keeps me from the things I want to do.  Fear of danger, uncontrolled situations, failure, strangers, being lonely and so on.

I wish I could overcome my fear and do what I want to do someday soon. Otherwise, I would grumble about what I haven’t done in my 30s after being in forty somethings.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt


photo credit: febbrile via photopin cc

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I started to follow the X-Factor UK in 2009 and 2010 (yep, I witnessed the beginning of One Direction in 2010 with my own eyes and ears). I didn’t pay much attention to the series in following years. You might wonder how could I follow the shows as I’m not living in England. In Thailand, we have this website called ‘’ which is a web board (forum) categorised by interest into many rooms. There is a Music room that we will go there to talk about music from around the world. I came across posts by one user who would conclude the X-factor contestants’ youtube clips for us to view and share opinions.

This year, I rarely log in that web board so I didn’t know the show has started its audition for 2013. Anyway, I happened to see some videos of this year’s participants, and that was when I met a boy who could make me cry not only once but twice.

His name is Nicholas McDonald who is only 16 years old. His chosen song was A thousand years original by Christina Perri (a song for Twilight series’s soundtrack which these films aren’t not my favourite at all). I think I may have listened to the original version before but I didn’t feel the same as when I heard the first word from Nicholas.

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I’m afraid
To fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow

I didn’t know why but I felt like the meaning of words just went straight to my heart by the way Nicholas sang. I surprisingly cried because of his voice and the meaning of lyrics. At that time, I didn’t know whose song was or it was a song for Edward and Bella. I don’t think I would say something like this. However, I went to listen the full original version after listening to Nicholas. And it turns out that I prefer Nicholas’s version to the original one. I hope he will record the full song and release it on iTunes so I can buy it.

I listened to other songs sang by him in this competition but I like a thousand years the most so far. Anyway, I’m glad that he finally gets through to live finals. Wish him the best.

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I love music as well as movies so it is easy for me to like the musical theatre/films as the story and music come together. I think the first time that I knew this kind of art when I listened to the compilation album of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s works. The CDs belong to my parents as my mother loves listening to this genre of music. That was the first time I knew The Phantom of the Opera which I still don’t have a chance to see them live on stage. However, I watched a film adapted in 2004, and I loved its soundtrack.

Another musical film that I love so much was Moulin Rouge directed by Baz Luhrmann (he is also my favorite director). I loved everything in this film especially the songs because every song provided the important part portraying characters’ feeling despite not-originally-composed songs for this film. The casts were also amazing in both acting and singing. There was a memorable quote from this film that I will never forget.

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Your Song is also the song that I think of when I talk about this film.

Hairspray was another film that taught me of the fact, which the musical films aren’t necessary to be only tragedy as this one was so hilarious and its soundtrack were so moving and shaking.  If Hairspray introduced the comedy perspective of this type of entertainment to me, Chicago would be the one that guided me to the sarcastic murderous musical film. Cell block tango is always my favorite scene from that movie. ‘Ah Ah, not guilty’

I think I need to mention Mamma Mia too even though I didn’t like the film as I’ve expected but the chance of listening all hit songs by Abba was worth watching the film. Moreover, Meryl Streep is absolutely awesome at every thing she does.

As you can see, I like musical films so I can’t deny my heart to fall in love with the musical series like Glee. In my opinion, the 1st season was the best. The 2nd one seemed to try too hard to be good as the 1st one. Nevertheless, the 3rd and 4th ones were back to be great but they couldn’t overcome the 1st one. Anyway, I think I can call myself Gleek as I’m still following this series. There are many performances that I loved from 4 seasons so far. It’s very difficult to pick one but I think I choose this one because it reminds me of Cory every time I listen to it.

I’ve seen those musical works via screen which I hoped that someday I would be able to see them on stage. Fortunately, I finally got a chance to see the musical theatre called Anything Goes when I was in New York in 2012. My friend and I decided to find performance we could afford, and it must be in the daytime not nighttime. So we agreed to watching Anything Goes, and it was the precious experience for me. It made me want to have more opportunities to see this kind of entertainment again and again.

New York | US | 2012

New York | US | 2012

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Light in the Dark.


Tokyo | Japan | 2010

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Remarks: This post has been automatically published as the schedule I’ve set before my hiking trip (19-22 Sep 2013). At the time this post is published, I should be on the way back from Phu Soi Dao National park. I don’t think I could visit your blogs or respond to your comments during the journey back home since my phone’s battery might be used up and I can’t find the electricity outlet for it. See you again when I arrive home.

Korean Wave

For those who don’t reside in Asia, you might not know when I’m talking about Korean Wave or Hallyu.

The Korean Wave[2] (Hangul: 한류; Hanja: 韓流; RR: Hallyu[1]; MR: Hallyu) is a neologism referring to the increase in the popularity of South Korean culture since the late 1990s. The term was originally coined in mid-1999 by Beijing journalists who were surprised by China’s growing appetite for South Korean cultural exports. They subsequently referred to this new phenomenon as “Hánliú” (韓流), which literally means “flow of Korea”.

We have touched the popularity of Korean (South Korea) entertainment long before the rest of the world knew Gangnam Style.  I might be able to use the word ‘we’ to represent some of us in South East Asia region along with those in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. I may not be able to speak for others but I can say that Korean entertainment has swept through my country (Thailand) since 2001-2002.

Korean films were the 1st group entering our domain, and they gained popularity in small groups of Thai people. My sassy girl was the leader of  Korean movies at that time, and Jeon Ji-hyun made the hearts of viewers skip a beat due to her role as a sassy girl (referred to the movie title).

After showing in theater, VCD, and DVD, another wave went to small screen with Korean dramas. In my opinion, there were 4 dramas among others on free TV that gained popularity like everyone would talk about them  which were Autumn in my heart, Winter Love Song, Full House, and Dae Jang Geum. However, nowadays the popularity of Korean drama on free TV in my country might not be that much because the viewers have changed their habit to watch them online, which they could sometimes watch Korean series after the dramas are shown in Korea around 1-2 weeks later.

Films and dramas may gain popularity earlier than Korean Music in my country. None the less, Korean idols came with full force when arriving here. There are a lot of girl bands and boy bands that occupy Thai music scene.

I still like watching Korean dramas as well as listening to Korean music. My most favorite ones are Girls’ Generation and IU. Since the beginning of this year, I haven’t tried listening to new groups because I think they started to look and sound the same. However, I’ve recently got to see this girl group’s MV, and I can’t stop watching them singing and dancing.

Their name is Crayon Pop and the song is called Bar Bar Bar. They are wearing gloves, t-shirt, long pant inside the short skirt, and they have helmet on their heads. Their choreography is unique and captivated. The song sounds like soundtrack for anime and it is catchy even though I have no idea what they sing but I just can’t stop watching this MV.

This song is not their debut song which they were actually formed in 2012 with releasing a song called ‘Bing Bing’. I happened to see they performed this song live, and I quite liked it because they had this Robot move in the middle of the song.

Another song that I really like their live performing due to their dance move. They wear track suits with knit hat and they add kick to the sky into their choreography. The song is ‘Dancing Queen’ which isn’t the same song as Abba’s one.

I’ve followed Korean entertainment for many years, and this is the first time I’ve seen girl group wearing something like this in their performance with the mixture of fun and strong dance moves. I won’t say that they will be my favorite one but they could definitely draw my attention and make me want to see their performance repeatedly.

From my point of view, Korean entertainment could penetrate other countries’ entertainment scene because they allow us to easily access their works/products. For example, you could go to Youtube and watch Korean music shows without blocking. I’m not sure whether they are afraid of copyright infringement or not. However, I think they surely understand the fanclub culture that once someone set themselves to be fanclub for those artists, they will show their support for their beloved artists in many ways including buying their CDs/DVDs/Photo books, going to their concerts, and etc.

I believe that Korean Wave will not fade from us (speaking for some of us in my country) and still stay strong in years.

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I spent my entire Sunday practicing water colour painting. The main point was to create something for the letter ‘i’ challenge in A-Z Challenge – iii by Frizztext. I chose to paint ice cream by using the wet on wet technique. For the above pictures, I didn’t draw anything before painting water and colour on paper and I used different type of paper which provided distinct output for each painting. It was interesting to see the impact on painting from the paper texture.

From today’s practice, I thought that I might not be able to be good at water colour painting because I’m still not good at drawing and sometimes I’m not patient enough to go into detail in paintings. Anyway, I won’t be discouraged by that idea as I’m going to explore what I can do based on my competency.



This bonnet has led a few argument in our family as my dog has got rash on skin around her tummy near hind legs. Every time my mom applies some remedy to the rash, my dog would lick that cream so she has never been healed properly. My mom would like to buy that collar to prevent her form licking the cream. However, my dad was pity on our dog because he thought that putting collar on her would kind of abuse her despite wearing it only a short period of time (not over than 15 mins).

Nonetheless, we eventually decided to buy a collar as the rash didn’t go away. After we put collar on the dog, the rash has started to disappear. She has been healing.

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When I was a kid, I usually spent my free time reading books, playing paper dolls or creating houses from wood blocks. Those activities were my hobbies at home. And when I met my friends at school, we would have games that we often played together. There were two popular games for Thai girls that I still recalled till these days. (Normally, Thai boys had their own games which were different from girls.)

The first one was หมากเก็บ (Pronounce = Mark-Keb). The original component was 5 pieces of very small rocks which didn’t have the sharp edge because we would need to be able to hold them in one hand. We would spread those rocks on solid surface. We would choose one rock to toss up, pick the remaining one, and try to be ready to catch the falling rock. We had different levels to beat – Try to pick one rock, two, three, four and flip our hands for five rocks. The below video showed how to play it from the beginning. (I found it on youtube which they had the competition in their school so girls were cheering and shouting.)


Another one was กระโดดยาง (Pronounce = Kra-Doad-Yang). The main tool was the string of elastic bands as below picture.

It needed at least 3 person to play this game as two to hold the string and one to jump across it. There were around 8 high levels to compete starting from ankle-height, knee, lower bottom, waist, chest, ears, head and above head. We didn’t need to follow all of them. Anyway, the best person was the one who could pass the above-head height. Moreover, we needed to know the trick how to jump without showing underwear because we had to wear skirt for Thai girls’ student uniform.
The below video was quite good to display some techniques for this game although she couldn’t pass the last level (above head).

At first, I’m not sure whether kids these days play these games or not. However, I could find the above clips on Youtube so I believe that these Thai games still play the parts in Thai children despite of the era of computers, smart phones, tablets and the internet.

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