Le Tour Utrecht – BON VOYAGE!

In 2015 the Tour de France will start in Utrecht, a buzzing city in the heart of the Netherlands with a passion for cycling. Le Tour Utrecht is an amazing 100 day program ahead of the start of the Tour de France 2015, starting on March 26th 2015. Start your journey to Utrecht here. Bon Voyage!

– Job, Joris & Marieke

On the rabbit


I just liked this page on Facebook yesterday. The page is Jaytherabbit which the page owner draws and posts the pictures of the weirdly cute rabbit accompanying with gags. The gags are sometimes related to the current famous stories in Thailand while sometimes they are referred to the opinions of the page owner as a single woman by using that bizarre rabbit to represent herself. From something that the rabbit thought and said regarding the single life, I believe that her age would be more than 30 years old same as me. That’s why I could relate to her words when talking about single life.

In addition to her hilarious words (most of them in Thai language), I like the way she simply draws that rabbit, yet can show how sarcastic the rabbit is.

It’s really great to have this kind of cartoon to put smiles on my face especially when I’m currently going through some confusing situation.

When my head turns to be a melon

I like reading cartoon/comic/manga since I was a child and I’m still reading them now despite of being an adult. Going back when I was a child, most comic books in Thailand have been translated from Japanese manga. We could separate its types as comic for boys and for girls. We usually call comics for girls as ‘Sweet-eyes cartoon’ because the characters would have big-glittering eyes like this.

Japanese cartoons have occupied the Thai market so far, although Thai cartoonists have been trying to intrude to the market. There are some Thai artists who can have their fan-based but in printed books, not in comics genre.

Melon Head (Hua-Tang-Mo) Book 1-5

Melon Head (Hua-Tang-Mo) Book 1-5

These books are written by Ong-Art Chaicharncheep. They are the stories of an ordinary guy whose head turns to be melon and people around him. The stories in those books kept me to be a book fan. A lot of stories in this series are so simple, yet powerful. The thing is I don’t think the author wants to teach readers for some meaningful life lessons or something, but it’s just the way the melon man perceives the world and the way I interpreted his stories for myself.

Melon man Book 1 by Ong-Art Chaicharncheep

Melon man Book 1 by Ong-Art Chaicharncheep


It’s not that easy for our heads turning to be a melon.
Before this time, I was like everyone else. I had a normal head and ordinary face. I wasn’t neither rich nor poor. I was graduated and then worked. I was living in a simple life.
But I felt that I was different from others in so many ways; attitudes, dreams, tastes, or the perception on living.
There were many times that I believed that I had more intelligence and competency than other people.
It’s not that easy for our heads turning to be a melon.
However, my head has now turned to be a melon.
Everyone would think of me as a weird person.
But strangely ….
Since my head has turned to be a melon, I’m getting happier.
I finally feel that I am such an ordinary person. More simple than when I had a normal human head.
I think I’m getting more stupid. My memory is getting bad. My dream has lessened. But, I get more content.
It’s not that easy for our heads turning to be a melon.
– Translated by me from Melon man Book no.1 –

The above quotes from book no. one encouraged me to buy the book because it just struck me off my little world. Since there was a time when we wished to be so different from others. We wished to be famous and live in extravagant lives. But actually, those famous people might not be living in the far-away world from us since we are truly the same ordinary humans being living on this earth. We should not be here to judge other people on how to live their lives. We should not be here to think that we are more superior than others based on our tastes or lifestyles or status or thoughts or beliefs.

What do you think he is doing?

Melon Man Book 3 - Ong-Art Chaicharncheep

Melon Man Book 3 – Ong-Art Chaicharncheep




It’s not that easy for our heads turning to be a melon.

Where are my Facebook Stickers!?!

When I initially heard of Facebook stickers, I was like …


And then I …


Because I’ve liked to use stickers or emoticon in my instant message since MSN.

So after updating my Facebook on iPad and iPhone,

I eagerly sent message to my brother although he was downstair while I was in my bedroom upstair.


BUT! my Facebook app on both iPhone and iPad doesn’t have Sticker function while my brother’s Facebook app has!



WHY? …WHY? … WHY? … WHY? … WHY? …


So I tried to search for the methods of adding Stickers in my Facebook messenger.


And I accidentally found this news, Facebook is appealing to its Asian users with messaging, emoticons, and stickers.

Huh??? Yeah, I’m Thai and Thailand is in Asia so I think I’m Asian enough to get my Stickers on Facebook, Right?

(I just knew that Asian users like using stickers or emoticons more than non-Asian users … uh-huh)

Anyway, I decided to uninstall Facebook app and re-install it.

BUT the stickers still not come T-T





I controlled my emotion and read the details of Facebook app in the Apple App store.

A-Hah! They’ve already said that Stickers will come to everyone soon.  (Meaning not everyone now)




Got it …

Waiting for my turn.


All stickers are from Line Application.